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Automotive november 7, 2016

These Bikes Use GPS And Mobile Data To Create A Better Sharing Network

Mobike is a purpose-built cycle set to be implemented in Singapore as a transportation supplement in 2017

Asia november 2, 2016

Hyundai Is Turning Children's Doodles Into Actual Cars

15 kids got to be designers for a day at the Brilliant Kids Motorshow

Asia september 2, 2016

Singapore Is Devising Creative New Ways To Reduce Noise Pollution

The Housing & Development Board aims to soften the impact of sound to create a more pleasant living environment

Retail july 15, 2016

McDonald's Brings Virtual Reality Into Its Restaurants

A Singapore branch of the popular fast food chain is innovating its locations with emerging technologies

[News] Singapore launches self-driving taxi trial with help from MIT
Advertising july 11, 2016

Advertising By The Numbers: The Audience Vs The Industry

Insights from PSFK's Future of Advertising original survey, a snapshot of the industry's thought leaders from brands, agencies, media providers and more

Design & Architecture june 30, 2016

Architect Imagines The Future Of Singapore Entirely Underground

The student design project takes a speculative look at subterranean-living in the Asian city-state

Work june 22, 2016

This Jacket Will Give You A Massage And Correct Your Posture

The garment uses air to apply pressure and remind wearers to straighten up

Asia june 20, 2016

Singapore Introduces Vending Machines Of Books

The devices are being stocked by a bookstore as a promotion of local writers

Technology june 3, 2016

3D-Printed Pills Contain A Whole Day's Medication

National University of Singapore develops ingestible mold to store different medicines

Technology june 3, 2016

How Computer Science Is Helping To Fight Viral Infections

IBM Research announced a new macromolecule to protect healthy cells from viruses

Design & Architecture may 20, 2016

Sweatshirt Functions As A Portable Back Massager

An accompanying app lets users pick the duration and intensity of their backrub session

Technology april 26, 2016

Driverless Taxis Will Soon Come To Singapore

The race for driverless cars in Asia is hastening

Luxury january 8, 2015

Singapore Wants Driverless Cars for First-Last Mile Commute

The city-country is planning to use driverless cars to supplement its public transport system


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