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Mobile july 24, 2013

Microphone Add-On Turns A Phone Into A Karaoke Machine

An affordable alternative to going out allows you to sing along with your favorite songs.

Technology july 15, 2013

Youtube Choir Unites Singers From Around The World [Video]

More than 5,000 voices from over 100 countries come together to create a breathtaking performance online.

Technology september 24, 2012

Be A Part Of Cirque Du Soleil By Singing & Gesturing At The Computer

Google Chrome experiment 'Movi.Kanti.Revo' invites users to interact using their voice and movements as they navigate a surreal digital world.

Home august 3, 2012

Imogen Heap Creates Shapes Using Her Voice [Video]

The British singer sprinkles salt over a small drum and makes different "Chladni" patterns with it by changing her pitch.

Innovation february 6, 2012

Chris Brogan: What Adele Teaches Us About Resonance [Headlines]

Author reflects on what British diva does to sincerely connect with her audience.

Advertising november 28, 2011

Playboy Website Slowly Reveals Racy Photos When Visitors Sing At Their Computer [Video]

The interactive app featured Argentina's famous groupie Mariana Diarco.


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