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Travel september 1, 2016

Aloft Has Created The First Voice-Activated Hotel Room

Lights off, lights on: just say the command and Siri will automatically update the space to a guest's request

Technology september 1, 2016

A Reddit-Powered Database Will Inform Google’s Voice Recognition Technology

The dataset was conceived to overcome the 'speech divide' introduced by strong accents and dialects

Health august 24, 2016

Wellness App Aims To Make Government Employees Happier

The program moves beyond counting steps and tracking habits to measuring and improving workers' overall wellbeing

AI august 12, 2016

Chatbots Are Getting Lessons In Empathy From A Machine

Koko emulates human-like responses to make AI interactions more fluid and productive

Retail july 1, 2016

Voice-Activated Wearable Could Improve Communication At 70 Stores

The Container Store is betting on a new device to help employees talk with each other and deliver relevant information to customers

Technology may 17, 2016

Can This New AI Compete With Siri?

A system designed by the creators of Siri that takes a different approach to AI assistance

[News] Apple opens Siri to desktop and third-party apps
[News] Apple plans to open Siri to outside apps, in order to compete with Amazon Echo
[Insight] Voice assistants may fulfill emotional needs as human-to-human conversation declines
Technology may 9, 2016

Your Next AI Assistant Could Be A Hologram

Imagine your typical voice-activated assistant with a very different look

Cities february 1, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Welcome February With Facebook Ridesharing and a Pepsi Restaurant

Kickstart your day with an untethered iPhone and a Pepsi entree

Virtual assistants haven’t learned how to respond to crisis or distress (TriplePundit)
Innovation january 14, 2016

A Heatmap Algorithm for the Memorability of Your Photography

An algorithm will help you perfect the creation of memorable photos, whether it's for a logo, selfie or PSFK Conference photo

Mobile december 2, 2015

Price Match From Your Phone By Snapping a Pic

Scout harnesses artificial intelligence and your smartphone camera to help you find the lowest available price


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