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Automotive september 9, 2016

This Skateboard Is The Smallest Electric Vehicle Around

The board can travel more than ten miles on a single charge at up to 25 km/h

Cities december 17, 2015

Longboard Stroller Design Trumps Flashy Technology

This longboard stroller combination brings together design, utility, and fun

Cities september 16, 2015

A Multi-Surface Board for Skate, Surf and Snow

Seasons sports board can be adapted to its environment

Technology march 23, 2015

The Postmodern Skateboard Lets You Cruise Over Grass

The Sidewinding Circular Skates move forward using circular and unconnected rings

Design october 7, 2014

Electric Skateboard Lets You Affordably 3D Print Replacement Parts

The Electric Bubblegum Board features 3D-printed parts so that users can produce their own components when needed

Cities june 25, 2014

Folding Electric Skateboard Is Its Own Carrying Case

The Caseboard is a portable, affordable and compact form of urban travel.

Design may 19, 2014

Skateboards Made Of Fishing Net Help Clean The Ocean As They’re Made

Bureo Skateboards not only look cool, but remove 30 square feet of mesh from the ocean per deck.

Design january 9, 2014

Self-Balancing Skateboard Keeps Riders Accident Free [Video]

Single-wheeled skateboard is powered by complex algorithms and built-in sensors.

Advertising june 21, 2013

Eight-Wheeled Skateboard Cruises Down Steps Easily [Video]

New design aims to turn entire city into skateable surface.

Advertising may 31, 2013

Vans Creates 3D-Printed Cut Outs Of Skateboarders’ Rides

Pop-up gallery houses the installation that mapped riders moves and made them into three-dimensional objects.

Cities may 16, 2013

Amphibious Skateboard Transforms Easily Into A Surfboard [Pics]

Waveskate is a 5-foot board with a mounting system that allows the rider to easily install or remove the bottom wheels.

Culture february 12, 2013

Graffiti Skateboard Maps Out Rider’s Path With Graphite

Lance Mountain rode the specially-designed board, donated by NYC artist Matthew Barney, at the Ride It Sculpture Skate Park in Detroit.

Advertising december 9, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, from an IKEA scrapbook to personalized news delivered straight to your phone.

Luxury february 27, 2012

Control This Skateboard With Your Mind [Video]

Get from point A to B by only thinking where you want to go with this brainwave-controlled device.


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