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Arts & Culture august 20, 2011

Sprite’s Interactive Skateboard Video Let’s You Choose The Moves

Using their keyboard, viewers can interact with this YouTube video as part of the diet beverage brand's Skate 'n' Splash campaign.

Innovation august 16, 2011

Oxelo Skateboards Take A Journey Through India [Video]

A short film follows three guys on their boards as they cover various cities during their discovery of India.

Technology august 4, 2011

#humantwitter Gives A Shout Out From The Audience At The X Games

This is what a Twitter message looks like when 160 people with letter cards are waiting to spell out your tweet.

Retail july 29, 2011

I Will Not Skateboard In The Halls

Cowabunga! Santa Cruz has come out with five skate decks that pay tribute to The Simpsons.

Technology july 28, 2011

Shwood: From Broken Skateboards To Trendy Sunglasses

A form and function mash-up creates unique shades from upcycled skateboards.

Luxury june 8, 2011

Nike Focuses On Extreme Sports With Its “Chosen” Campaign [Video]

Nike's new campaign includes an online contest for amateur sport enthusiasts to win a trip, exclusive Nike products and event access.

Advertising april 20, 2011

Pass The Bucket: Branded Storytelling Digs Deep [Video]

New Vans branded content series features life stories and outlooks that connect to on a deeper level with viewers.

Design & Architecture march 24, 2011

Cultural Mashup: Mumbai Skateboards

A German artist creates a new kind of cultural object with an East meets West hybrid.

Retail march 11, 2011

Old Skateboard Decks Repurposed Into iPhone Cases

The 'Grove + MapleXO Skateboard iPhone 4 Cases' are a 50-piece limited edition series crafted from old skateboard decks and involved a year-long process.

Home february 16, 2011

Nike Shreds The Internet

Nike's latest online ad campaign takes a personalized approach in engaging users as brand advocates - spreading the word across the social web.

Arts & Culture december 20, 2010

ENESS Create Interactive Skate Ramp For ‘TRON: Legacy’ Promo

A kaleidoscope of patterns, trails, starbursts, and text elements flows with the movement of the skaters.

Design & Architecture september 17, 2010

Sporting Sails: Wind-Powered Skateboarding

A kite-like sail adds a new dimension to the sport.

Cities march 17, 2010

Deckstool Recycles Broken Skateboards Into Furniture

Thanks to Deckstool, the remains of an unrideable skateboard is recycled into furniture harvested from skate shops and skate parks across the U.S.A.

Innovation february 23, 2010

Machotaildrop: Skateboarding Dreams Meet Willy Wonka

Machotaildrop is a film inspired by Michel Gondry, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a skate video of Neil Blender standing atop a big fence.


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