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Technology august 30, 2016

AR Ski Goggles Make Racing Down The Slopes Even More Immersive

Israeli startup RideOn weaves digital overlays into the thrill of skiing with an unconventional pair of protective eyewear

Home january 28, 2015

AR Ski Goggles Show Best Runs Across Slopes

RideOn augmented reality goggles for skiing and snowboarding feature a see-through display that projects onto the snow

Sustainability november 7, 2014

Electric Hydrofoil Offers Environmentally-Friendly Water Fun

Quadrofoil watercraft transports families at fun speeds without gas and oil pollution.

Mobile april 23, 2014

Tongue-Controlled Devices Turn Your Cheek Into A Touchscreen

Athletes could interact with their phones on the slopes without having to use their hands.

Innovation february 25, 2014

Club Med Crowdsources Ski Resort In French Alps

Crowdsourcing is now being used for the development of hotels and resorts.

Sustainability december 18, 2012

No Need For Winter At Denmark’s Architectural Indoor Ski Slopes

Skidome will become the world's largest indoor ski park complete with over 2 miles of hills.

Arts & Culture november 2, 2012

Digital ‘Second Screen’ Ski Goggles

The Oakley Airwave snow goggles features a heads-up display for info like your location, speed, incoming calls and more.

Advertising may 3, 2011

Orbit’s Ambient Advertising [Pic]

In Austria, outdoor billboards were placed in front of snow cannons to emphasize the breath-freshening effect of Orbit Ice Mints.

Work february 7, 2011

Reimagining Waste Processing As A Public Art And Recreation Destination

A new waste to energy processing plant in Copenhagen re-conceives the ecology and possibilities of waste treatment facilities.


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