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Technology august 8, 2016

The World's First Robot Tattoo Artist Is Here

Appropriate Audiences and Autodesk Pier 9 dream up a world of mechanical artistry for your next ink

Health june 8, 2016

L’Oréal Patch Changes Color To Highlight The Risk Of Skin Cancer

This thin sticky patch can show you how much sun you're really taking in

Work january 14, 2015

Adhesive Wearables Function As Second Smarter Skin

Wearables from MC10 and Corventis adhere to and interact with your skin for optimal wellbeing

Innovation february 18, 2014

Skin Selfies Help Dermatologists Diagnose From Afar

Teledermatology is a new medical field where people send their doctors photos of their skin to receive a diagnosis.

Aqua biking: Cycling under water is now the best way to shape your legs
Design & Architecture july 16, 2013

Flexible Concrete Case Protects iPhones From Harm [Pics]

Tough skin for your smartphone looks just like the surface of the moon.

Arts & Culture october 16, 2012

Models Wear Jewelry Made Of Fake Skin [Pics]

Designer challenges beauty with a surreal and eerie collection of attention-grabbing pieces.

Innovation august 24, 2012

Camouflage Face Paint Protects Soldiers From Bomb Explosions [Video]

Military cosmetic that shields the skin from extreme heat of over 1,000 degree Fahrenheit.

Syndicated november 4, 2011

Springwise: Therapeutic Medicine Delivered Through Your Clothes

A new, reloadable fabric has the ability to transmit medication via the skin.

Retail august 29, 2011

Nike Engineers Skin-Like Armor For Active Women

Nike has come out with products that are catered to stylish active women who want top notch performance out of their activewear.


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