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[News] Chicago could get 80-story timber skyscraper
Work january 13, 2014

Donut-Shaped Skyscraper Dominates Chinese Skyline [Pics]

This unique structure is maybe the best collaboration between China and Italy since pasta.

Sustainability september 11, 2013

Urban Rooftop Farms Produce Edible, Nutritious Algae [Pics]

Unused space on a Bangkok skyscraper is transformed into a production site for this super food.

Technology june 25, 2013

Google Maps Views From The World’s Tallest Building [Video]

The service has mapped the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest manmade structure measuring 2,717 ft.

Retail june 2, 2013

Building Cities Using The Power Of The Crowd [PSFK 2013]

Rodrigo Nino, CEO of Prodigy Network, is moving urban funding into the hands of the public in Bogota, Colombia.

Design & Architecture may 24, 2013

Entire Chinese City To Be Housed Inside Half-Mile High Skyscraper

Vertical living saves on space and energy compared with a conventional metropolis.

Innovation march 14, 2013

Floating Structures Scrub The Air Of Pollution

Jellyfish-like buildings float high above the city, cleaning the air in this design proposal.

Cities may 18, 2012

Urban Concept Puts Schools On Top Of NYC Skyscrapers To Raise Their Importance

A group of Portuguese architects reimagine rooftops as schools, provoking the question, if public education existed literally above everything else, could it be valued above everything else as well?

Sustainability october 7, 2011

Huaxi: The Village That Towers Above China [Headlines]

A 328-supertower will open in a communist model community of just 2,000.

Design & Architecture october 5, 2011

200 Feet Under: An Underground Skyscraper [Pics]

An architectural concept for Mexico City is a new skyscraper that burrows underground rather than reach for the sky.

Design & Architecture march 25, 2011

New Addition To The Iconic Manhattan Skyline [Video]

An incredibly tall and dynamic residential tower in New York transforms its appearance throughout the day.

Work april 12, 2010

'Hermit Mountains' - Skyscrapers Designed to Blend Into China's Natural Landscape

Aiming to blend into the mountainous landscape of Western China, architects Hongjun Zhou and Lu Xiong have proposed a skyscraper design named "hermit mountains."

Design & Architecture september 11, 2009

Skyburbs Combine Suburban & High-Rise Living

We've seen many examples of conceptual vertical farming, and of course high-rise living - but what about a combination of the two? Architects from Tzannes Associates in Sydney have dreamed up just such an idea with their Skyburbs concept design.

Sustainability february 18, 2009

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