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Education august 5, 2016

Interactive Game Teaches Children About Skyscrapers

The app is a part of Tinybop's Explorer's Library acquaints kids with topics such as anatomy or geology

Work august 12, 2014

Architectural Coffee Brewers Turn Baristas into Mad Scientists

Korean design firm Dutch Lab have created coffee machines that look like steampunk skyscrapers

Sustainability march 24, 2014

The Pollution Cleaning Floating Village That Could Be Built Above LA Freeways

The Skyvillage offers a radically different way of thinking about development in car-centric cities.

Sustainability february 26, 2014

Palm Frond Facade Acts As Curtains For Barcelona Hotel [Pics]

The unique result redefines green building.

Work january 13, 2014

Donut-Shaped Skyscraper Dominates Chinese Skyline [Pics]

This unique structure is maybe the best collaboration between China and Italy since pasta.

Home may 10, 2013

Build A Home Or A Hotel In Four Simple Steps

Modular design makes putting together any type of building easy and affordable.

Design & Architecture march 14, 2013

Polar Umbrella Could Protect And Regenerates Ice Caps

This year’s eVolo Skyscraper Challenge winner is a concept design that would enable research in the Arctic.

Design & Architecture december 17, 2012

Twisting Skyscrapers Enliven Urban Landscape [Pics]

The Absolute Towers by Chinese firm MAD architects have been completed in Canada, with levels that gradually rotate.

Work october 24, 2012

See NYC From A Floating Observation Deck Over Grand Central Station [Pics]

Architecture firm SOM has proposed a viewing deck above the station that moves up and down the sides of two skyscrapers.

Mobile march 7, 2012

Skyscraper Contest Yields Designs That Will Manage The Resources Of A City [Pics]

eVolo Magazine recently hosted a skyscraper design contest, which resulted in a number of spectacular concepts.


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