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Syndicated august 23, 2012

Triple Pundit: American Express Wants Shoppers To Buy Local

A new partnership with the finance giant pushes forward the needs of small business owners.

Innovation july 9, 2012

Microloans Expand Past Developing Countries To Include America [Headlines]

Kiva will now help small-businesses in America that are still reeling from the recession to hire new staff, helping with the unemployment rate.

Technology june 28, 2012

Find Daily Deals On The Streets With Groupon’s Interactive Kiosks

Passersby can now look for local offers with these public multi-touch screens.

Innovation may 11, 2012

Idaho And Texas Most Friendly States For Small-Businesses [Headlines]

In a survey of 6,000 small business owners, low tax rates, easy-to-understand licensing regulations, and well-publicized training programs are critical factors in an entrepreneur's success.

Mobile march 16, 2012

PayPal Launches Competitor To Square’s Mobile Payment Solution

The next major POS development includes a triangle-shaped reader designed by Yves Behar of Fuseproject.

Retail february 27, 2012

Small Business Owners Are Feeling Optimistic [Headlines]

Independent operations are showing a surprising amount of confidence as it pertains to capital spending, hiring, and obtaining credit.

Technology february 17, 2012

Viral Marketing Made Easy With Automated Facebook Posts

Octopost helps small business owners manage their social media page more effectively.

january 6, 2012

Time Predicts 2012 Will Be The Year Of The Entrepreneur [Headlines]

After naming 2011 the year of the Protester, the popular magazine had weighed in on the group of individuals they believe will dominate this year.

Work january 3, 2012

Grant McCracken: Are Big Companies Better At Innovation Than Small Ones?

In the era of the start-up when seemingly the small business reigns, is it actually the larger brands (and their budgets) that are driving imaginative creation?

Technology january 2, 2012

iPad Could Be The Must-Buy Item For Small Businesses In 2012 [Headlines]

Apple is favored as the tablet brand for businesses, especially small ventures and start-ups.

december 9, 2011

Online, 40% Can’t Tell Difference Between Big And Small Businesses [Headlines]

Recent research indicates that consumers are unable to determine the difference between smaller retail companies and larger ones.

Mobile december 9, 2011

American Express Incentivizes Shopping At Small Businesses By Giving Consumers $10

Consumers get bonus dollars from the credit card for supporting local shops this holiday season.

Mobile december 2, 2011

Small Businesses Are Going Mobile [Headlines]

As marketing opportunities on mobile devices improve, more people see them as worthy strategic initiatives.

Advertising november 4, 2011

Google’s Automatic Advertising Service Launches In UK And Europe [Headlines]

Local businesses throughout Europe now have access to Adwords Express, making it easier to run an online campaign.


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