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[Insight] Vehicles are learning to identify and log human driving error
[Insight] Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is the biggest auto safety improvement since airbags and antilock brakes
Sustainability september 18, 2014

Dancing Traffic Light Man Keeps Everyone Safe, Smiling

Compact car brand Smart expands its safety campaign with a grooving warning sign

Innovation april 9, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Toyota replaces robots with humans, Norway embraces plug-in cars and Marc Jacobs uses Twitter to find new models.

Retail april 4, 2013

Design Firm & Smart Car Launch Collection For Urban Living

BoConcept joins the automaker in a signature collection for small spaces.

Home february 18, 2013

Auto-Inspired Urban Furniture Collection By Smart And BoConcept

Car-maker and furniture retailer collaborate on a collection targeted at space challenged city dwellers.

Technology april 12, 2012

Smart Car Creates Digital Flip Book On Their Twitter Feed

The automaker has launched an innovative campaign that is the first of its kind on the social network.

Luxury march 6, 2012

Smart Car Launches New Electric Model And eMotorcycle At Geneva Motor Show [Pics]

Daimler plans to co-launch the smart fortwo Electric Drive and smart eBike this week.

Technology january 30, 2012

Foldable Electric Cars To Launch In Europe Next Year

MIT's Hiriko can fold on itself, drive sideways, and soon to be seen in European streets.

Innovation december 6, 2011

Futuristic Concept Car From Mercedes-Benz Wins L.A. Design Challenge [Pics]

The revolutionary Smart 341 Parkour combines innovation and functionality.

Advertising october 14, 2011

PSFK Picks: Best Folding Bikes

PSFK curates a roundup of some of the latest and most ingenious foldable bikes.

Luxury october 11, 2011

'Unbig' Smart Car Pokes Fun At American Obsession With "Big"

Mercedes Benz's newest campaign for its tiny car questions whether size really does matter.

Sustainability september 19, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Hoping To Revive Smart Cars With New TV Ads [Headlines]

The car distributor is set to launch the first television ad campaign for the tiny autos in the US since the brand was launched.

Advertising december 22, 2010

Creating Communities To Fight Against Overconsumption

Smart is an organization making an effort to reduce frivolous spending, hoping to get consumers to think about our culture of consumption.


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