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[Insight] Hardware challenges prevent Apple from conquering home IoT
Technology may 17, 2016

Turn Any Surface Into An Interactive Remote Control

Gadget taps into IoT to transform solid surfaces, like walls or tables, into interfaces

Work december 4, 2014

littleBits Now Lets You DIY Your Own Smart Devices

The littleBits Smart Home Kit puts the power of the Internet of Things in consumer hands

In the age of smart technology, understanding the iPod’s legacy (Kernel)
Gaming & Play february 20, 2014

Smartwatch For Kids Introduces Wearable Tech At An Early Age

VTech’s KidiZoom Smart Watch brings video, photo, and gaming capabilities to digital time devices for children.

Mobile january 13, 2013

Google + PSFK: Creative Innovation @ CES [Video]

We asked leading minds in advertising and marketing what the big tech trends at CES mean for creative business.

Syndicated may 15, 2012

frog: What Is The Hidden Potential In Simple Functionality?

When imagining the future of gadget design, taking basic functions a step further could be the most productive path.

Travel december 5, 2011

Microsoft Tags Encourage Airport Spending

Passengers at the Dallas Airport can now scan barcodes to receive deals and discounts.

Work may 3, 2011

frog design: Analog Form

“Industrial design is dying”. In the past couple of years I’ve been hearing this proclamation, and it is usually blamed on the rampant growth of smart devices and their habit of rendering some stand-alone products obsolete.

Home march 21, 2011

frog design: How Honest Should Smart Devices Be?

Will devices of the future be just as as moral (or immoral) as our friends, family, and coworkers? Will they aid us in upholding our own sense of honesty?


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