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Technology may 8, 2015

Experience Augmented Reality While You Watch TV

InAIR is a device that will introduce a feature-rich layer to your smart TV viewing

Sustainability august 25, 2013

Why Smart TVs Are More Entertaining [Future Of Home Living]

PSFK chats with Mark Viken of Sharp Electronics about what he believes will be the defining trends in the home of the future.

Technology july 19, 2013

Samsung Lets Homeowners See What New TVs Would Look Like In Their Living Room [Video]

The Smart TV AR Simulator enables users to see what various models would look like in context.

Innovation february 10, 2013

Freddie Laker: What Will Make Consumers Care About Smart TVs?

The founder of Guide discusses how people want experiences on their TV not just passive viewing.

Luxury january 11, 2013

Samsung Exercise Bike Makes Spinning More Entertaining

The consumer electronics company demonstrated its 'Interactive Bike Game', which brings the 'real world' to your workout.

Retail july 14, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week.

IoT july 3, 2012

Turn Your TV Into A Giant Tablet With This Portable Gadget

New tech startup creates portable micro-computer that can transform any television set into a smart, connected one - featuring gaming, apps, and more.

Design & Architecture may 17, 2012

IKEA TV Plays YouTube Videos, Comes With Built-In Blu-Ray Player [Headlines]

Uppleva will be introduced in Europe next month, featuring ~20 apps that include video and music playback. Prices will start around $960 and screen size will range from 24 in to 46 in.

Innovation may 3, 2012

One In Four Viewers ‘Abandoning Scheduled TV’ [Headlines]

Britons are increasingly watching television on-demand, especially among the 18-24 demographic.

Advertising march 1, 2012

No One Is Using Google TV [Headlines]

Less than a million of the devices are being interacted with according to the company's own data.

Work february 10, 2012

Samsung’s Tablet Remote Changes The Channel With A Swipe

Samsung's redesigned TV remote features a voice recognition function and touch pad.

Home february 8, 2012

LG’s Voice-Controlled Televisions Can Tweet For You & Find Movie Recommendations

New technology makes it possible for your home entertainment system to understand spoken commands.

Work january 28, 2012

Should TV Be More Social?

PSFK interviewed the Founder and CEO of, which is a new TV experience that incorporates information from social networking platforms into your viewing regime.

Innovation january 21, 2012

Will The Future Of TV Be A Gesture-Based Social Experience?, the social viewing service, debuted a new iteration of their technology that syncs your tablet, TV and online network to allow interactive browsing, sharing and commenting, all with the wave of your hand.


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