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[Insight] Is it ethical to make technology ‘addicting’?
Travel october 14, 2016

Airplane Cabin Simulator Lets Boeing Test New Projects

The manufacturer is trying to make each trip in the air more tech-friendly for passengers

Technology october 10, 2016

This Thermometer Can Read Your Temperature Without Touching Skin

The device can quickly record body temperatures without contact, and save the data neatly on your phone

[Stat] 60% of US mobile owners use phones to manage health
[Stat] Mobile to account for 60% of all internet advertising by 2018
[Insight] Smartphones are the foundation of Africa’s mobile revolution
Mobile june 27, 2016

Why A $4 Phone Is Stirring Up Controversy

The inexpensive device will be shipping with a monetary loss on each phone sold

Design & Architecture june 6, 2016

Transform Any Everyday Object Into A Virtual Musical Instrument

The AR Music Kit lets you create a DIY experience with just paper and your phone's camera

[News] Apple may reduce iPhone releases to once every three years, as smartphone advances slow
Technology may 26, 2016

Home Smartphone Brings Families Together

The design of a new intercom focuses on making communication simple and quick

Food may 24, 2016

This Purifier Wants You To Drink More Water

A reverse osmisis system sends you discreet nudges if you are not staying hydrated

Advertising may 24, 2016

Apple Store Redesign Looks Much More Welcoming

The retailer is changing the layout of its stores to be more comfortable and inviting

Retail may 10, 2016

What Does It Look Like When Land Rover Designs A Smartphone?

The range will embody the core values of the brand and launches early 2017

[News] Google to release Ara modular smartphone to consumers in 2017

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