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Design & Architecture may 20, 2016

Sweatshirt Functions As A Portable Back Massager

An accompanying app lets users pick the duration and intensity of their backrub session

Work march 10, 2016

Refugees Now Find It Easier to Make Friends in Sweden

This service helps settlers build a new social circle after a politically motivated move

Work january 13, 2016

Feel Like You're Walking on the Moon With Gravity-Defying Shoes

Magnets in the soles of these "moon shoes" create an out-of-this-world sensation

Travel september 4, 2015

NYC Taxis Finally Have Their Own App

Arro wants to be the go-to app for taxi services, and it's cheaper than Uber without the hassle of surge pricing

Retail may 11, 2015

Future Mall Lightbulbs May Talk to Shoppers' Phones

GE's forward-thinking shopping spaces will communicate with shoppers through pulsating lights

Innovation march 13, 2015

How London Transport is Using Beacons and Apps to Help the Blind

Wayfindr, which helps the vision-impaired navigate independently, is being trialled at Pimlico station

Technology january 28, 2015

Sensor Packed Eyewear Tracks Fatigue and Posture

Meme glasses exhibit Japanese style, but sync to smartphones for high-tech health monitoring

Advertising january 26, 2015

See What Your Friends Fave and Like in One User Interface

Starlike app from AOL lets you to personalize a newsfeed that curates your network's top content

Mobile january 26, 2015

Virgin App Powers Hotel Guests with Phone-Direct Streaming and Thermosat Control

Virgin opens first hotel which coincides with launch of a personal comfort app for guests

IoT november 11, 2013

App Sends Texts Without Internet Or Cell Signal

Social app leverages Wi-Fi signals to transmit SMS.

Innovation november 7, 2013

Neighborhood Platform Sources News And Events From Social Media

Smartphone app that brings the world to your doorstep.

Mobile november 5, 2013

Augmented Reality Projections Turn Windshield Into A Navigation Screen [Video]

New app that lets you see the road as if you are wearing Google Glass.

Design & Architecture october 24, 2013

Lamp Mimics Sunlight In Different Time Zones [Pics]

App-controlled light indicates the time of day in any location around the world.

Technology august 1, 2013

Espresso-Brewing Robots Could Replace Artisan Baristas

Designed with Yves Behar and Fuseproject, Briggo’s Coffee Hauses brew real espresso and utilize a variety of flavored syrups.


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