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Syndicated september 12, 2016

Can Apps Improve Our Mental Wellbeing?

Reaching for your phone to help with stress and sleep might feel counterintuitive, but there are now hundreds of apps that promise to help us find inner peace

Syndicated september 1, 2016

How “Sent From My iPhone” Became A Key Piece Of Net Etiquette

Once considered a crass way of showing off, the sign-off is now a nod of acknowledgement that we are doing the best we can

Innovation july 27, 2016

How Much Is The Selfie Economy Worth?

It’s claimed that our passion for narcissistic pictures is fueling the growth of everything from lipstick to old-fashioned photobooths. Here’s a sector-by-sector breakdown

Advertising june 10, 2016

Camera Store Spoofs Apple’s iPhone Campaign

The series of images serves to remind people of the limitations of smartphone cameras

[Stat] Smartphones generate more e-commerce traffic than computers
Technology june 3, 2016

$14,000 Smartphone Offers The Strongest Privacy Protection Available

A smartphone aimed at international business people who carry sensitive information

Design & Architecture may 11, 2016

Sidewalk Lights Warn Distracted Walkers Of Traffic

A city in Germany uses specially designed in-sidewalk lights to keep smartphone users safe

Technology may 11, 2016

How Pre-Touch Screens Try To Read Your Mind

Microsoft is developing touchscreen tech that could anticipate actions

Technology april 21, 2016

Google’s App Specifically Designed To Critique Other Apps

Google gives coders a better understanding of where problems exist in their apps

[News] iPhone tops TIME’s Most Influential Gadgets
[News] Apple reports its first revenue decline since 2003
Design & Architecture april 19, 2016

Phone Case Adds 3D Interactive Features For Makers

Using e-paper and sensors, the FlexCase allows for both 2D and 3D manipulation

Technology april 11, 2016

Phone Case Has Built-In Drone For Aerial Selfies

This concept is set to make your mobile phone even more mobile

Syndicated april 7, 2016

Apple At 40: Privacy, Software, New Device Frontiers Are Key Challenges

Pioneering firm is hoping to avoid a midlife crisis, while staying relevant


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