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Shoes Designed to Kick Cigarette Smoking to the Curb

Future E-Cigarettes Could Connect to a Device via WiFi

  • 12 november 2014
  • IoT

Meet AirGuard, Your Wi-Fi Smoker Tattletale

Wearable Device Breaks The Smoking Habit

Lighter Tracks Cigarette Use To Help Smokers Kick Their Habit

Anti-Smoking Clinic Opens Up Shop Inside Minecraft [Video]

Choir Of Patients With Raspy Voices Highlights The Risk Of Smoking [Video]

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Landscape Crafted From Cigarette Butts Shows Smoking’s Effect On The Environment

Tooth-Embedded Sensor Relays Eating Habits To The Dentist

Brain Support System Helps Smokers Curb Craving [Video]

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

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