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Health november 14, 2016

Matchbox Design Points Out The Health Risks Of Smoking

A Ukrainian agency developed a matchbook that gives smokers a look at the impact on the human body

Arts & Culture september 18, 2015

Shoes Designed to Kick Cigarette Smoking to the Curb

Vans and truth collaborate on a youth non-smoking campaign

Work november 12, 2014

Future E-Cigarettes Could Connect to a Device via WiFi

A new patent from Philip Morris proposes a web-enabled, smart cig which could help users cut down

Work november 5, 2014

Meet AirGuard, Your Wi-Fi Smoker Tattletale

Simple plug-in device detects when tobacco or marijuana is smoked in a room, then lets one know via wi-fi alert

Arts & Culture june 25, 2014

Wearable Device Breaks The Smoking Habit

SmartStop is an armband that cuts the craving for a smoke.

Technology may 14, 2014

Lighter Tracks Cigarette Use To Help Smokers Kick Their Habit

Quitbit keeps track of all the data you need to quit, including how much money you're saving.

Gaming & Play march 5, 2014

Anti-Smoking Clinic Opens Up Shop Inside Minecraft [Video]

New campaign virtually invades the game that gets more YouTube hits than Justin Bieber.

Advertising december 17, 2013

Choir Of Patients With Raspy Voices Highlights The Risk Of Smoking [Video]

Created by JWT Brazil, the Unexpected Choir was made up of laryngectomy patients to raise awareness of larynx cancer.

Mobile october 23, 2013

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Everyone's talking about Google as Street View heads to Best Western and Microsoft works on a Glass rival.

Cities october 9, 2013

Landscape Crafted From Cigarette Butts Shows Smoking’s Effect On The Environment

Artist Chris Jordan gathered discarded cigarette butts and photographed them to create a piece that looks like a forest.

Innovation july 30, 2013

Tooth-Embedded Sensor Relays Eating Habits To The Dentist

A data-collecting device that can tell the difference between eating, speaking, smoking and drinking.

Technology june 12, 2013

Brain Support System Helps Smokers Curb Craving [Video]

Craving To Quit is a 21-day program that helps people control their desire to smoke.

Travel june 3, 2013

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Starbucks to ban smoking outside cafes, Volvo uses Twitter as focus group and BMW designs a gaming machine.

Advertising march 25, 2013

Campaign Aims To Disgust Social Smokers

Canadian PSA amps up warnings to occasional puffers, who can be in denial about their noxious habit.


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