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Design & Architecture august 5, 2016

A Bike-Car Hybrid For Every Season

The PodRide has a fabric exterior and allows for cyclists to travel no matter what the weather holds

Arts & Culture january 7, 2014

Chinese Winter Fair Unveils Global Landmarks Chiseled Out Of Ice [Pics]

Harbin Ice And Snow Festival showcases some of the best winter sculptures the world has seen.

Technology june 27, 2013

Headlights Block Snowflakes For Safer Driving [Video]

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Intel are developing smart car headlights that can cope with precipitation.

Mobile february 8, 2013

5 Helpful Tools To Stay Above Nor'easter Nemo

Find and follow Nemo and stay out of harm's way with these apps and services.

Technology january 24, 2013

Passers-By Dial Number To Order Snowfall On Demand [Video]

London agency brought a smile to everyone's faces with their Christmas campaign.

Luxury january 14, 2013

Snow Boots With Retractable Skis Are Actually A Rent-A-Car Ad [Video]

Hertz creates a new dream winter accessory concept to advertise their rates to ski destinations.

Luxury january 10, 2013

Luxury Ice Hotel Gets Experimental Design Treatment [Pics]

Each year, artists are asked to design suites made entirely out of snow for the dwelling in Sweden.

Cities january 7, 2013

Swing Sets Create Snow Flurries When Used

Oversized playgrounds hooked to snow-machines make snowflakes fly when played on by adults.

Travel september 10, 2012

The North Face Integrates Airbags Into Sportswear For Safer Hiking

Sports apparel brand partners with ABS to develop the Avalanche Airbag Safety System.

Mobile may 10, 2012

Ski Pole Phones Let Users Take Calls And Texts On The Slopes

Now skiers can view messages and chat without taking off their gloves.

Retail march 2, 2012

Starbucks Opens Ski-Thru Coffee Shop On The Slopes

Order hot beverages on the go without taking your snow equipment off.

Luxury april 6, 2011

Niche Forecasting For Luxury Sports Enthusiasts

Snow forecasting websites offer detailed point forecasts that make use of the data which meteorologists have but don’t tell the public about.

Sustainability january 28, 2011

Solar Charged Roads May Eliminate Snow Buildup

An ambitious solar heating project may keep roads perpetually free from thick snow.

Cities december 28, 2010

New Yorkers Deal With The Snow Through Social Collaboration

Using an online platform, New Yorkers come together to help one another deal with the snow and its aftermath.


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