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Sustainability january 25, 2016

H&M Wants You To Be Head-to-Toe Sustainable with Organic Beauty Products

This often-criticized fast fashion brand goes sustainable in skincare

Technology december 7, 2015

Face It, You've Always Wanted to Wash Your Phone with Soap and Water. Now You Can

Appropriately, the Kyocera Digno Rafre comes with a rubber duck dock

Innovation january 16, 2013

Pigeon Droppings Transformed Into Soap To Clean Up Cities [Video]

Known as "flying rats," these birds are scrubbing up their negative image with a new concept project.

Home december 14, 2011

Method's Soap Products Go Festive For The Holidays

Spice up your kitchen or bathroom sink this Christmas with scents like cinnamon drop and frosted fir -- all biodegradable.

Arts & Culture november 17, 2011

Hilton Worldwide Recycles Its Soap To Provide Bars To Developing Countries

The world-famous hotel chain is set to donate over $1.3 million to help fund a project that saves up to 2.6 million used soap bars per day.

Retail october 31, 2011

Eric Ryan: Style And Substance - The Method Method [Video]

The founder of Method, describes how his company's strategic 'obsessions' helped construct a new space in a static market where they could insert their product--backed by a strong brand culture--and succeed.

IoT october 7, 2011


The founder of Method discussed his seven obsessions that helped inject style, substance, and fun into his company.

Design & Architecture september 20, 2011

Device Turns Soapy Water Back Into Bars Of Soap

An eco-friendly concept design created by a Korean team can turn wastewater and used soap into brand new bars of soap.

Home august 24, 2011

Last Call To Chat With The Founders Of Method

Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, the founders of Method are holding an interactive webinar for their fans and tomorrow is the last chance to join in on the conversation.

Retail june 6, 2011

Shower Shock: Caffeine In Your Soap

Caffeine-infused soap lets you boost your morning caffeine fix and avoid the heart burn of coffee.

Design & Architecture january 10, 2011

Rethinking The Soap Dispenser [Pics]

Designer Nathalie Stämpfli has combined the convenience of a liquid soap dispenser with the ecological and logistical benefits of bar soap.

Cities january 6, 2011

No Soap Or Shampoo For A Year And Feeling Cleaner

Experiments in cutting out personal cleansers leave some wondering what all the stink is about.

Work august 23, 2010

Cleaning Up Battery Design

Soap and wax offer an interesting solution to making batteries more efficient and cost effective.

Design & Architecture february 25, 2009

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