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[Inspiration] Pokémon Go proves gaming psychology can increase profits
[News] London Mayor’s #LondonIsOpen campaign calls upon the creative community
[Stat] Facebook Messenger now has over one billion active users
[Inspiration] How brands can create viral video ads around hot social topics
Travel july 5, 2016

Couchsurfing Wants To Help You Make Friends

The company has added a hangout feature that lets members post an activity and others nearby can request to join

Fitness / Sport june 30, 2016

Earn Discounts Every Time You Exercise

Earthmiles is a new app that offers a 'frequent flyer mile-like' rewards program for those who regularly work out

[Insight] Snapchat Has Quietly Introduced The World To Augmented Reality
Advertising june 7, 2016

Snickers Social Campaign Can Tell When You Are Sad And Try To Cheer You Up With Chocolate

To make the Internet a better place, the chocolate gets cheaper as tweets get angrier

Culture may 10, 2016

Dating Site Aims To Bring Entire Friend Circles Together

Tinder Social is a new offering that is designed to connect friend groups looking to meet new people

Technology may 5, 2016

JIBO’s VP For Design To Share What Social Robots Mean For Homes Of The Future [PSFK 2016]

How social robots will bridge the gap between tech and human interactions at PSFK conference

Culture january 12, 2016

Understanding a VR Platform’s Mission to Add Diverse Human Avatars

But designing realistic yet true-to-form personas presents an interesting set of social challenges

Understanding consumers’ need for ‘Rent A Friend’ businesses in Tokyo (AFAR)
Cities december 22, 2015

How to Build a Social Campus

Awkward, disconnected, chilly spaces keep conversations to a minimum. A well-designed university makes room for people to share ideas across generations

Cities april 1, 2015

Finding the Real Value in Social Media

Merchants are creating new ways to reward customers for participating on social channels


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