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Work december 17, 2012

Startup Funds People Rather Than Businesses

A New York based company is helping pair together young, ambitious creatives with financial backers.

Technology april 4, 2011

SEO-ing Your Social Capital

Reputation management has been the preserve of big brands and companies for some time now but there is a growing trend in "online reputation management" services for the personal consumer.

Sustainability march 30, 2011

Ecoinomy Shows Us How To Make The Most Of Using Less

Ecoinomy's Eco.system adopts a truly holisitic approach to incentivize employees to make a difference to charities, the environment and company savings.

Technology march 18, 2011

American Express Introduces Social Capital To Digital Media Backchannels

The natural inclination to share has been harnessed by American Express in their latest Customer Rewards campaign.

Arts & Culture march 14, 2011

Single Identity Internet Could Stifle Creativity

4chan founder presents the case for anonymity fueling creativity and experimentation.

Arts & Culture september 17, 2009

Whuffie Bank: Reputation is Wealth

The Whuffie Bank, is hoping to reward Internet users who have a positive impact by giving them bits of a new social currency every time they contribute to the greater good.


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