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Design & Architecture january 20, 2016

A 12-Step Program for Kindness, To Snap Out Of Your Jaded Mindset

A year-long social experiment to explore kindness in the 21st century

Technology july 7, 2014

Why Facebook’s Ethics Do Not Meet Expectations

Users should not be shocked by the social media site's subtle manipulation of their feelings.

Technology july 7, 2014

Facebook Mood Manipulator Filters Content Based On How You Feel

The browser extension lets users select emotions so the social media site can show different content accordingly.

Technology april 16, 2014

New Project Gives Taxpayers Control Over Where Their Money Goes

The New IRS compares government spendings with real people's desires.

Design & Architecture march 27, 2014

Collaborative Playlist Chip Revives The Old School Mixtape

X-II lets users add their personal touch to a song list before passing it on.

january 29, 2014

Stamped Dollar Bills Bank On Social Influence To Inspire Change

Good Virus is stamping bills with “This money has been used for good” in the hope that people will be motivated to make a charitable donation.

Home november 8, 2013

Order Dominos Pizza With The Push Of A Button [Video]

Pizza arrives at your door with a push of a button - ordering pizza just got easier.

Mobile march 25, 2013

Social Media Spoof Lets Users Brag About Their Fake Lives

Instasham is a platform with hundreds of stock photos that people can choose from to populate their own stream on the popular photo-sharing app.

Technology january 18, 2013

Mobile Company Tracks Lost Phones To See Where They Go

For a social experiment by Vodafone, the company ‘lost’ 100 phones in the Netherlands to see what would happen to them.

Cities august 23, 2012

Honest Tea Tests The Honor Of America With “Free” Tea

Honest Tea set up unmanned pop-up stores around 30 cities, asking people to pay $1 when they took the tea and filming the results, that were translated into a 'National Honesty Index'.

Arts & Culture march 24, 2012

Vikram Gandhi To Speak AT PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012

The documentary director and star will talk about the experience of creating the film and social experiment that is Kumaré.

Cities december 17, 2009

Mark Malkoff To Crowdsurf The Entire Length Of Manhattan

In an attempt to disprove the "unfriendly New Yorker" myth, comedian/filmmaker Mark Malkoff is organizing and filming a social experiment that will take him the through the complete length of Manhattan, carried by strangers the entire way.


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