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A 12-Step Program for Kindness, To Snap Out Of Your Jaded Mindset

Why Facebook’s Ethics Do Not Meet Expectations

Facebook Mood Manipulator Filters Content Based On How You Feel

New Project Gives Taxpayers Control Over Where Their Money Goes

Collaborative Playlist Chip Revives The Old School Mixtape

Stamped Dollar Bills Bank On Social Influence To Inspire Change

  • 29 january 2014

Order Dominos Pizza With The Push Of A Button [Video]

Social Media Spoof Lets Users Brag About Their Fake Lives

Mobile Company Tracks Lost Phones To See Where They Go

  • 18 january 2013
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Honest Tea Tests The Honor Of America With “Free” Tea

Vikram Gandhi To Speak AT PSFK CONFERENCE NYC 2012

Mark Malkoff To Crowdsurf The Entire Length Of Manhattan

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