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Mobile january 14, 2014

Guinness Asks Bar Patrons To Swap Their Phones For Beers

Irish brewer tries to bring real pub conversation back to life

Work december 9, 2013

Elevator Game Makes Avoiding People A Challenge [Video]

A new game with embodied technology jolts us out of our familiar habits.

Innovation june 26, 2012

Bus Station Of The Future Lets Riders Buy Snacks, Recharge Phone [Pics]

Marc Aurel's 'Station Diderot' project is a public transit shelter that makes life easier by providing lots of services in one place.

Technology october 21, 2011

Interactive Dress Becomes Transparent With A Combination Of Technology And Intimacy

Studio Roosegaarde have created a high-tech garment that changes in response to personal encounters.

Work september 6, 2011

Electric Fireflies Mimic Social Interactions Between People

A design team in Sydney is implementing an innovative light artwork called Social Firefly, a community of intelligent lights that influence one another.

Arts & Culture december 6, 2010

Device Encourages Small Talk

'Personal Adviser For Reintegration' is a conceptual device that encourages casual interaction between strangers.

Mobile july 23, 2010

Prosocial Behavior And The Dog Owner Effect

Psychologist Nicolas Guégen explores the social behavior of with-dog and no-dog conditions in request-oriented activities.


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