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Technology march 3, 2015

Social Media Marketing Pioneer Predicts 2015‑16 to Be Year of Great Invention

PSFK sits down with SXSW presenter Curtis Hougland

Work november 6, 2014

Drew Neisser: Guess What? TV Ads Still Work. Q+A with Allstate’s Sanjay Gupta

Allstate EVP of Marketing, Innovation and Corporate Relations discusses the variations in campaigns and social responsibility

Arts & Culture august 20, 2014

Jeff Fromm: Social Media Marketing is Dead

How one can sustain brand success in a unique and meaningful way

Technology may 20, 2014

Edelman Digital: Four New Tools To Engage Your Consumers

A look at the latest digital news of the week.

Advertising february 20, 2014

Startup Lets People Control And Monetize Their Personal Data

Earn up to $8 per month by selling your information on social media.

Syndicated july 24, 2012

Edelman Digital: Three Things To Consider When Launching Social Media Campaigns

Companies launching online initiatives need to keep in mind scale, silos and structure if they want to succeed in an already flooded market.

Advertising may 17, 2012

GM Claims Advertising On Facebook Is Ineffective [Headlines]

Car giant decides to pull its paid ads from the social media site.

Technology april 2, 2012

The Final Four Duke It Out On Klout [Infographic]

A new graphic charts how the university basketball teams use their online influence for community building and fan engagement.

Advertising september 30, 2011

Agencies Start To Represent ‘The Next Influencers’: Fashion Bloggers

The growing reputation of writers with their own blogs has led to them hiring agents for deals and advertising.

Syndicated september 19, 2011

Ed Cotton: The Power Of Social Data

Wal-Mart recently bought a social media data company that offers the retail giant unprecedented insight into communities and consumers.

Cities august 25, 2011

Coke Freestyle Invites You to Customize Your Own Drink On Facebook

The app and campaign are meant to generate excitement (and fan advocacy for) for the national roll-out of Coke's new soda dispensing machine.

Technology july 30, 2011

Who’s Better? The New Or The Old Old Spice Man

In a social media-fueled, real-time duel, the (original) Old Spice Man has accepted new Old Spice guy Fabio's challenge to a 'Mano y Mano' duel on Tuesday, July 26th. While respective real-time, personalized videos are looking familiar, we hope tomorrow's duel will surprise.

Advertising july 15, 2011

How To Turn Fans Into Brand Ambassadors [Headlines]

Keep your fans engaging with your brand by doing things such as helping them feel like part of a deeper community or ask them questions that generate discussions.

Technology june 21, 2011

13 Ways To Improve Your International SEM Strategy [Headlines]

Mashable spoke with 10 search experts about how marketers can improve their international search engine marketing (SEM) strategies.


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