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Hang Ten, Or With Like-Minded Wave Enthusiasts, On Social Network for Surfers

Crowdsourcing Peace of Mind from Your Phone

A Social Network That Is Actually Just a Towel

Digital Nomads, Find a Roommate On-The-Go

How Facebook and Oculus Rift Can Come Together in Virtual Harmony

  • 27 may 2015
  • IoT

Social Network Recognizes Clothes, Is Instagram You Can Buy From

Your Own Private Social Network Outside the Cloud’s Reach

Inside Service’s Plan to Create Social Lines of Credit

Meetup Pins Down Insights Into USA’s Changing Interests

Touch-Enabled Social Networks Will Grant Lovers Freaky Future

Advanced Social Maps May Influence City Planning

Let Your Phone Remind You to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

  • 27 november 2014
  • IoT

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