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Technology june 20, 2016

What Does A Social Network Just For The Super Rich Look Like?

A platform under Credit Suisse offers exclusive networking for high net worth individuals

Cities june 15, 2016

A Small Town In Spain Replaced Bureaucracy With Twitter

The social network has become the major channel of communication for locals and government officials

Mobile january 6, 2016

Hang Ten, Or With Like-Minded Wave Enthusiasts, On Social Network for Surfers

Tap your phone against a surfboard to see where it's been, what kind of waves it's stood up against, and its construction details

Technology december 17, 2015

Crowdsourcing Peace of Mind from Your Phone

Anonymously post about your stress on a social network that wants to use public feedback to zen you out

Cities december 17, 2015

A Social Network That Is Actually Just a Towel

Remember when a picnic blanket was a form of social network? This initiative hopes to bring those days back

Work september 15, 2015

Digital Nomads, Find a Roommate On-The-Go

CoNomads matches modern vagabonds according to their future destinations and current homes

IoT may 27, 2015

How Facebook and Oculus Rift Can Come Together in Virtual Harmony

Motion-capture tech expert surmounts an Oculus Rift drawback that was keeping it from analyzing facial expressions

Retail may 12, 2015

Social Network Recognizes Clothes, Is Instagram You Can Buy From

The Net Set app can now tell if you're wearing last season's prints on your #OOTD

Work march 31, 2015

Your Own Private Social Network Outside the Cloud’s Reach

Neone offers safe online sharing managed by you

Retail february 25, 2015

Inside Service’s Plan to Create Social Lines of Credit

Puddle lets you borrow money from your social network, not banks

Arts & Culture february 6, 2015

Meetup Pins Down Insights Into USA’s Changing Interests

In-person social network's changing membership gives a unique look at what we care about

Technology january 21, 2015

Touch-Enabled Social Networks Will Grant Lovers Freaky Future

An array of companies are rapidly creating the sex-tech needed for long-distance physical contact

Cities january 9, 2015

Advanced Social Maps May Influence City Planning

What we can learn about cities from social network chatter

IoT november 27, 2014

Let Your Phone Remind You to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Mobile app reminds you to 'Bond' with people you care about


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