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Work january 27, 2013

Intuitive Connection – A Future Of Work Theme

Geographically dispersed teams are leveraging social network-style platforms to come together online and collaborate on common goals.

Work january 27, 2013

Social Network For Doctors Improves Cross-Specialty Collaboration [Future Of Work]

Doximity is a social network that allows doctors to access an online web of other physicians to securely discuss patient treatment options.

Technology january 27, 2013

Social Tool Aids Collaboration In A Project-By-Project Economy [Future Of Work]

SHIFT supports collaboration through the creation of project anchored virtual spaces that enable all parties to work together.

Mobile january 27, 2013

Social Workflow – A Future Of Work Trend

Platforms are using social communication interfaces to streamline internal dialogue and processes within a company.

Home august 31, 2012

The Impact Of Social Networks In The Workplace [Future of Work]

A look back at social media's effect on office culture from the second week of PSFK’s Future Of Work series.

IoT january 22, 2012

Being Friends With Your Client On Facebook Works [Future Of Work]

PSFK talks with the Managing Director of Edelman Digital in Chicago about how social is breaking down the traditional hierarchy of the workplace.


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