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Work december 5, 2014

Device Dispenses Beer When Two Strangers Charge Their Phones Together

Alcohol helps to loosen people's lips at a European networking event

Design & Architecture july 24, 2013

Phone-Hiding Tablecloth Lets Diners Enjoy Each Others’ Company

Engage in some actual conversation thanks to this ingenious way to break the tie with your cell phone at meal time.

Arts & Culture march 25, 2013

Campaign Aims To Disgust Social Smokers

Canadian PSA amps up warnings to occasional puffers, who can be in denial about their noxious habit.

Technology march 20, 2012

New Social Network Helps People Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety Social Net is an online community designed specifically for people afflicted with intense social apprehension surrounding the new trend of constant, personal online sharing.

Arts & Culture february 8, 2012

Check-In And Get Free Music Downloads With New App

Buy Me A Drink has partnered with Wantickets to provide events info and tickets purchasing and rewards user participation.

Arts & Culture november 30, 2010

Simple Socializing Leads To A Bigger Brain For Most Mammals

A new study from the University of Oxford has revealed that highly social mammals developed larger brains over time.


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