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[Insight] Big soda is desperate to not become as maligned as tobacco companies
Food july 5, 2016

Orangina Upside Down Can Makes You Shake Up The Pulp

A new packaging design helps ensure consumers mix up the contents

Gaming & Play july 1, 2016

Crystal Pepsi Returns Along With Its Own Videogame

The iconic clear cola is making a comeback, with a retro promotion inspired by the 1990s

Arts & Culture june 28, 2016

Sprite's Lyrical Cans Showcase Hip-Hop's Top Storytellers

Obey Your Verse campaign returns this summer with the words of a new collection of rappers adorning the soda company's packaging

Arts & Culture september 16, 2015

Lollipop Experiment Proves Soda is Only Candy in Costume

Henry Hargreaves shows shocking sugar content from popular beverages in (de) hydrate series

US consumption of bottled water is about to overtake soda (Quartz)
Work august 13, 2014

Draughtsman Transforms Beer and Soda Cans into Model Cars

Finely crafted hot rods, buggies, and race cars made entirely from aluminum

Sustainability july 16, 2014

Bubble Chandelier Made From Recycled Soda Bottles Provides Jobs To The Homeless

Brooklyn-based non-profit partners with design studio to do some social good

Innovation may 20, 2014

Pepsi Aims To Boost Lagging Sales With High-Tech Soda Dispenser

The beverage giant releases the Pepsi Spire, a new touchscreen soda dispenser.

Innovation october 4, 2013

Resealable Soda Can Lets People Drink Spill-Free

Inventor tries to put a new twist on an industry that hasn't changed in over 30 years.

Sustainability august 19, 2013

Coke Debuts All-Natural Version To Appeal To Health-Conscious Drinkers

New eco-marketing positions this product as a healthy option.

Technology june 3, 2013

Pepsi Vending Machine Accepts Likes Instead Of Cash

The soft drink brand's latest promotion uses Facebook feedback as digital currency.

april 19, 2013

Starbucks Tests Made-To-Order Sodas

The coffee company is trialing three new sparkling beverages - original ginger ale, lemon ale and spiced root beer - in 10 stores in Seattle.

Arts & Culture march 22, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Youtube has 1 billion viewers per month, Twitter is 7 years old and Apple powered mostly by renewable energy...links to start your day with.


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