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Design & Architecture november 7, 2014

Diet Coke Prints Two-Million Unique Bottles Using Algorithms

Coca-Cola of Israel has launched a multi-level campaign to stress the individuality of millions of diet drinkers

IoT september 23, 2014

Mountain Dew Bows Virtual Reality Skate Experience in Brooklyn

As part of a two-day street oriented competition in the NYC borough, attendees could virtually take on skating with the athletes

News september 16, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicts fully autonomous autos in a half-decade's time, Coca-Cola resurrects Surge and Macy's is expanding iBeacon usage

Advertising september 5, 2014

Coca-Cola Touts Its Healthy Brand with Nutrition Labeling On Cans

The beverage giant is helping customers make healthy choices by putting pertinent information right on the front of their labels

Work july 3, 2013

Coca-Cola To Release All Natural, Zero Calorie Sweetener [Video]

The company is introducing the first stevia-sweetened Coke product in Argentina, which could change the landscape of the soft drink industry.

Home june 5, 2013

Coke Launches Online Delivery Service For Indian Homes

First online portal for buying soft drinks over the internet pilots in Asia.

Advertising april 30, 2013

Ice Vending Machine Dispenses 7UP As It Melts [Video]

A giant block carving of frozen water is an inventive new way to keep drinks cold.

Innovation march 20, 2013

Grab A Drink On The Go With In-Cab Vending Machines

Around 250 taxis in New Orleans will offer a choice of non-alcoholic beverages for just 99 cents.

Work january 15, 2013

Coca-Cola Tackles Obesity With New Ads

The campaign highlights the brand’s commitment to introducing lower calorie options and raise awareness about the public health issue.

Cities june 1, 2012

New York Mayor Plans To Ban Large Sodas And Other Drinks To Tackle Obesity

Bloomberg's plan would stop New York restaraurants and food outlets from selling sugary soft drinks over 16ozs

Design & Architecture march 12, 2012

Can Coke And Pepsi Give You Cancer? [Headlines]

The soft drink brands have had to change how they produce the caramel coloring in their beverages to avoid having to put a cancer warning label on the packaging.

Advertising august 10, 2011

Free Drinks From Human Powered Vending Machine

A new campaign uses human labor to dispense a new hyper-potent vitamin water.


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