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Fashion september 23, 2016

This Rainbow Textile Can Power Gadgets Using The Sun And Movement

The Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a fabric that harvests natural energy for smart clothes

Automotive september 13, 2016

Startup Successfully Crowdfunds Self-Charging Electric Vehicle

The solar-powered car features a weather-resistant design, and a filter system that uses Icelandic moss

[News] Apple to start selling surplus solar energy
[News] The world’s first “Tesla Town” is coming to Australia
[Stat] Germany on track to meet 100% of energy needs from renewable sources by 2050
Home april 19, 2016

Transparent Solar Panels Can Turn Windows Into Powerplants

Unlike traditional panels, these sheets are scavengers for sunlight

Work march 22, 2016

Net-Zero Energy Home Takes on Southern California Challenges

Elements from the California poppy will drive a sustainable future that feels like home

Sustainability march 21, 2016

A Giant Canopy Is at the Heart of Google Campus Redesign

The more compact Google workplace hub is still a marvel of cross-social collaboration

Mobile february 25, 2016

Count on the Solar Cells In Your Newest Shirt for Your Charging Needs

With the addition of menswear, a solar-powered line of clothes doubles its proliferation

Technology february 23, 2016

A Work Light, Nightlight, 'Anywhere You Want' Light

A magnetic docking system makes this an adaptable solar-powered fixture

Work february 8, 2016

Micro Power and Water Plants Suitable for Community Parks

These sustainable-energy parks almost never need connecting to electric grids

IoT january 4, 2016

CES 2016: Bringing Light to Dark Places

Impacting over a million lives: buy a solar-powered light and one gets donated to a part of the world in need

Travel may 7, 2015

eBike Solar-Charges Itself Directly Through Its Wheels

Solar Bike is even more environmentally friendly than other electric bikes as it doesn't require energy from power grid

Advertising july 11, 2014

Philips Brings Solar-Powered Lights For Homes And Roads To Village In Vietnam

"Gift of Light" given to 17 different communities around the world


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