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Work february 8, 2016

Micro Power and Water Plants Suitable for Community Parks

These sustainable-energy parks almost never need connecting to electric grids

Sustainability december 14, 2015

Google’s Solar Power Project Expands to a City Near You

Google's solar power project now covers nine states and three options for making your home an energy-harnessing haven

Innovation march 25, 2014

Giant Rock Sculpture Offers A Hangout Spot In The Middle Of The City

Self-sustainable art project gives people a place to charge their phones.

Design & Architecture may 21, 2013

Color-Changing Hotel Mimics Sunrises and Sunsets [Pics]

This concept building will hopefully create a new landmark for Bayfront Park, Miami.

Technology march 25, 2013

Off-The-Grid Digital Camera Relies On Solar Or Hand Power

The Sun & Cloud Self-Generating camera has three megapixels and 15 built-in filters.

Innovation march 4, 2013

Self-Sufficient Solar Retreat Opens Like A Dollhouse [Pics]

The concept design features walls that open on hinges to invite nature in.

Work september 29, 2011

Shedding Light On Solar Panel Myths

One Block Off The Grid is a solar power advocate and information website debunking solar energy myths.

Technology august 24, 2011

Samsung’s Solar Panel-Equipped Netbook Charges In The Sunshine

The first solar powered netbook offers extra mobility and up to 1000 charge cycles.

Sustainability august 17, 2011

frog: The Inconvenient Truth Of Going Green

After spending $5,000 on solar panels for his home, Colin Cole of frog, realized his 'eco-fit' didn't qualify for utility rebates. Going green is an expensive and complicated process. Why would anyone make the effort?

Mobile july 8, 2011

SoBi Needs Your Help To Bring Bike Sharing To NYC

Social Bikes looks for public financial assistance on Kickstarter to launch its pilot fleet in NYC this fall.

Sustainability february 4, 2011

Eco Conscious Architecture Salvages Renewable Energy From Viaducts

The ancestral home of the aqueduct debuts a cutting edge renewable energy concept

Arts & Culture august 31, 2010

Flying Robots Illuminate The Dubai Skyline

A swarm of solar powered devices offer flexible lighting options.

Retail july 12, 2010

Solar Toothbrush Uses Electrons To Clean Teeth

The Soladey-3 uses a novel method to remove plaque.

Design & Architecture september 3, 2009

(Pic) Decorative Solar Panel Lamps

Sony has released a series of lamp shades made of solar energy panels. Each side is coated with dye-sensitized solar cells that mimic photosynthesis by collecting sunlight during the day to power lamps at night.


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