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Food august 2, 2016

Solar-Powered Process Turns Urine Into Beer

A Team at the University of Ghent has dubbed the new lager 'From Sewer to Brewer'

Syndicated june 21, 2016

Marks & Spencer Crowdfunds Solar Panels For Its Stores

Retailer joins forces with community-focused energy group to raise £1.2m for panel installation on nine large outlets

[News] Solar fuel plane completes Trans-Atlantic flight
Sustainability may 24, 2016

Solar-Powered Train Promises Sustainable Mass Transit

India's first solar panel-powered train moves the country on a large scale

Travel may 6, 2016

Bus Shelter Provides Enough Renewable Energy To Power A London Home

This solar-powered shelter is a renewable source of energy in urban areas

Automotive march 16, 2016

Homes and Cars Share a Charge with Solar Power Systems

Home energy management can now include your electric car

Design march 15, 2016

Un-Sucking Personal Solar Power With BioLite

Like sunflower heads, these panels aligns themselves for maximum power

Culture december 17, 2015

Solar-Powered Truck Bridges Any Barriers Presented By Digital Literacy

Shipping container-turned-digital-classroom, this vehicle helps to educate African children in impoverished areas

Cities december 14, 2015

Google’s Solar Power Project Expands to a City Near You

Google's solar power project now covers nine states and three options for making your home an energy-harnessing haven

Cities october 27, 2015

Desert Mega-Project Positions Morocco as Solar Superpower

World’s largest concentrated solar power plant, powered by the Saharan sun, set to help renewables provide almost half the country’s energy by 2020

Cities august 28, 2015

Generate Solar Power on Someone Else’s Roof

Yeloha connects roof owners with those who want renewable energy and vice versa

Mobile august 4, 2015

Plug Your Toaster Into the Sun

SunPort lets you use solar power at home—without the panels

Design may 8, 2015

A Solar-Powered Grill You Can Use Even at Night

GoSun Grill welcomes you to the fuel-free summer

Design may 1, 2015

Tesla’s Low-Cost Solar Batteries Guarantee Sustainable Energy World

Elon Musk claims two billion of the batteries could provide all of world’s energy needs


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