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Solar Street Furniture Shines On The Champs-Elysees

Net-Zero Energy Home Takes on Southern California Challenges

London Bus Stops Are Experimenting with E-Paper Displays

IKEA Makes Itself Part of a Longer-Lasting Solution for Syrian Refugees

Solar Magnifying Glass Could Power The Entire Planet

Solar Panel Sunglasses Act As Mobile Charging Machines [Video]

Elon Musk Shows Plans For The Hyperloop System [Pics]

Futuristic Solar-Charging Station That Fits Into A Car’s Trunk [Pics]

Solar-Paneled Micro-Office Pods Let Workers Focus Anywhere

  • 10 january 2013
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How Floating Infrastructure Is Changing City Design & Planning

14 Year Old Girl Develops Solar-Powered Water Purifier

Interactive Map Tells City-Dwellers If Their House Is Right For Solar Power

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