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Work september 26, 2016

Editorial Roundtable: The Arrival Of The People-First Workplace

Managed By Q, Soma, Workbar, Primary, AltSchool and thinkPARALLAX enumerate the reasons why companies need an employee-embracing workforce in order to exist

Retail august 22, 2016

Soma Brings Sustainable Style To Its New Glass Water Bottle

The vessel's minimal and sporty design draws inspiration from the brand's popular pitcher

Innovation december 2, 2014

How a Start-up Used Design and Partnerships to Disrupt The Water Filter Industry

Soma is leveraging intelligent design and brand partnerships to gain the upper hand in the water filter industry

Technology february 20, 2014

3D-Printing Loom Envisions A Wardrobe That Can Be Produced At Home

Electroloom could be helping you spin your own threads sooner than you think.

Home august 1, 2013

A Virtual Walk-Through Of PSFK's Future Of Home Living Exhibition

Take a peek into PSFK's exhibit on the home of the future, and come visit for yourself if you are in NYC!

Design & Architecture december 7, 2012

Compostable Filter Cleans Water With Recycled Coconut Shells

The Soma filter is a completely biodegradable filtration system with a sleek minimalist design.

Cities february 9, 2012

Sustainable Skeletal Buildings Function Like Living Organisms

SOMA architects present a tower and museum concept whose structure reflects how plants and animals interact with nature.

Sustainability september 13, 2011

Green Seating Brings The Park To The Street

San Francisco city brilliantly turned two dumpsters into mini-parks that can be moved from one location to another.

Work june 23, 2010

Monocolumn: Where Does All The Money Go?

One million dollars, $2m, $7m, $12m. These are just some of the amounts that venture capitalists have doled out recently to Silicon Valley companies.


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