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Technology march 22, 2016

Sonar System Touch-Enables Any Surface

Draw on a surface and watch as this system tracks the movement on your device's screen

Work january 5, 2016

The Power of Echolocation in the Palm of Your Hand

This glove takes inspiration from dolphin's bio sonar to help a user find objects in a way that goes beyond basic human touch

Innovation november 21, 2014

Bat Sonar Device Helps the Visually Impaired to Navigate

Students and professors collaborate to design an aid that can be worn like a watch

Home september 22, 2013

Brett Martin: Postmortem Of A Venture-Backed Startup

Lessons learned from the rise and fall of social app @Sonar.

Sustainability may 19, 2013

How Location-Based Services Can Enliven Cities [My Ideal City]

PSFK talks to Brett Martin about how mobile technology platforms are using location to connect people in new and interesting ways.

Technology may 19, 2013

How Proximity Services Help People Navigate Their Lives Better [My Ideal City]

Location-driven mobile technology platforms make it easier for anyone to find and tap into services and information.

Innovation may 26, 2012

What Are The Five Big Ideas For 2012? [Video]

PSFK's Director of Consulting sits down with five young stars of the industry to discuss topics like 'Co-Sharing,' 'SocialPairing,' and 'ME-TV.'

Retail march 17, 2012


PSFK held a special event in Austin where speakers like Jane McGonigal discussed important trends manifesting at the SXSW Interactive festival.

IoT march 3, 2012

Social Pairing Unlocks The Power Of Our Networks [Need To Know: SXSWi]

PSFK is following five trends during SXSWi, we chat with an innovator in this space who talks about how we can leverage already-existing data to find hidden connections with 'Social Pairing.'

Innovation august 31, 2011

Sonar-Controlled Glove Helps the Visually Impaired to Navigate

Tacit is a prototype glove that helps the visually impaired navigate by using sonar and tactile pressure.

july 12, 2011

Instagram Is Foursquare’s Biggest Fan [Headlines]

Out of over 10,000 developers using Foursquare's API and location database, Instagram is the most frequent user.

Technology february 23, 2011

Smart Keyboard Keeps Sensitive Data Away From Prying Eyes

The SonarLocID features a sonar sensor to monitor a user's presence on a shared computer.

Luxury june 24, 2010

SonarKids: Music, Art & Technology Festival Grows In 2010

The festival has been expanded to a two-day format receiving over 7000 attendees.

Mobile august 24, 2009

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