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11 Stories You Need To Know Today

MIT Student Controls “Call Me Maybe” Song With His Heartbeat [Video]

Opera Singer Produces Algae With Her Voice For Listeners To Eat

UNIQLO Hires Grammy Nominee To Wake Customers Up With A Daily Song [Video]

Stop-Motion Music Video Turns Board Games Into Equalizers [Videos]

Kraft Personally Thanks Thousands Of Facebook Fans With A Song [Video]

Siri Debuts As A Lead Vocalist On New Flaming Lips Track

Turntable Device Lets You Hear What A Tree Sounds Like [Video]

Pacific Brands Launches 12 Days Of Christmas Campaign [Headlines]

  • 21 november 2011

Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 4

Worldwide Musical Crowdsourcing To Create A Song

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