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Technology july 8, 2016

An Earpiece Could Give You 6x Better Hearing

A crowdfunded headphone combines hearing protection with enhancement

Advertising june 3, 2016

Celebrity Sweat-Soaked Headphones Inspire Everyday Athletes

Urbanears products carry perspiration of seven talented individuals

Design & Architecture may 25, 2016

This Speaker Recreates The Sound Of A Vintage Vinyl Record

Alter your music with a speaker designed to make digital tunes sound retro

Technology may 24, 2016

How Technology Opens New Possibilities For Musical Experiences

This festival shifts how we explore the intersection of music and technology

Technology may 19, 2016

Headset Trains Your Mind How To Better Deal With Stress

Melomind was designed to guide users on how to relax during their day-to-day activities

Technology march 25, 2016

The World’s First 3D Headphones that Calibrate to Your Head

With three-dimension sound, this startup gives listeners a fully customized, calibrated experience

Home november 11, 2014

UFO-Shaped Speakers Float Above Their Base

Levitating speaker adds elegance to sci-fi design

Luxury november 11, 2014

Microsoft Collaboration Helps the Visually Impaired ‘See’ the City

An urban navigation tool for the blind, 'Cities Unlocked' is broadening horizons

Mobile october 15, 2014

Project Overlays Ambient Music with Police Radio, Aerial Imagery for Urban Voyeurism

The site offers a new way to experience cities by layering its images, sounds and voices

Work october 14, 2014

Sound City Project Offers Immersive Soundscapes of Urban Areas

Audio visual collaboration presents realistic experience in global cities

Work september 30, 2014

Musical Decorative Sculpture Crafted from Wood

Auda serves as a sound garden that uses the resonance of wood to create an audio experience

Arts & Culture september 24, 2014

DUBS Earplugs Won’t Sacrifice the Listening Experience

'Acoustic Filters' are advanced tech devices with 17 individual parts that reduce volume and protect ears

Retail september 16, 2014

Porsche Unveils Popup Modern Record Store in NYC

Visitors can uniquely experience the stories and sounds of the automaker's heritage and innovation

Arts & Culture may 19, 2014

Hand-Drawn Sound Hides Music, Voices On Pieces Of Paper

Share secret messages in public places with this unique graphical code


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