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Hand-Drawn Sound Hides Music, Voices On Pieces Of Paper

Rippled Wood Boards Map The Sounds Of New York City [Pics]

Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Soundwave Installation Lets People Experience Music With Their Entire Bodies [Video]

Popped Paint-Covered Balloons Reveal Intense Swirls Of Color [Pics]

App Turns iPhones Into Light Show Coasters

Honda’s Light And Sound Installation Recreates Record-Breaking Race [Video]

Collar Turns Voiceless Lip Movement Into Speaker Sounds [Video]

Scientists Use Sound Waves To Make Instant Coffee In Midair [Video]

Light Cushion Installation Comes Alive With Human Feet

App Wakes Users Up To The Sound of Sizzling Bacon

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