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Work january 16, 2014

Rippled Wood Boards Map The Sounds Of New York City [Pics]

Artist takes a fresh approach to capturing the hustle and bustle of the most populous city in the United States.

Sustainability october 21, 2013

Window Device Turns Noise Pollution Into More Pleasant Sounds [Video]

Sono is an advance noise-canceling gadget that lets people be selective about the outdoor noise they hear.

Mobile october 15, 2013

Shoes Replace The Traditional High Heel Click-Clack With Atypical Sounds [Video]

Play the piano with your feet, or walk on water thanks to an interesting new take on footwear.

IoT september 20, 2013

Soundwave Installation Lets People Experience Music With Their Entire Bodies [Video]

Recent graduate brings the human body as close as it’s ever been to sound.

Arts & Culture august 22, 2013

Popped Paint-Covered Balloons Reveal Intense Swirls Of Color [Pics]

Sound, magnetism, and air pressure are used to create these stunning images.

Technology august 13, 2013

App Turns iPhones Into Light Show Coasters

App turns your iPhone into a coaster that creates visual activity in your drink using the sounds of the surrounding environment.

IoT august 2, 2013

Honda’s Light And Sound Installation Recreates Record-Breaking Race [Video]

Ayrton Senna’s 1989 lap becomes the focus of the brand’s new short.

Luxury july 23, 2013

Collar Turns Voiceless Lip Movement Into Speaker Sounds [Video]

A device that can be used to create unique compositions by bypassing the vocal cords.

Work july 17, 2013

Scientists Use Sound Waves To Make Instant Coffee In Midair [Video]

Researchers from Zurich successfully levitate organic objects.

Design & Architecture july 11, 2013

Light Cushion Installation Comes Alive With Human Feet

An installation of circular units that sense and "listen" to human movement to emit sound and colored illumination.

Technology june 7, 2013

App Wakes Users Up To The Sound of Sizzling Bacon

New alarm clock app wants you to wake up Warmly.

Technology may 5, 2013

Deaf Artist Creates Sound Installations That Everyone Can Hear

Christine Sun Kim explores the qualities of sounds she is not able to discern in order to make them more inclusive.

Design & Architecture march 21, 2013

Common Sounds Transformed Into Artistic Visualizations

Husband and wife team come up with an innovative way to see sound as an image.

Arts & Culture november 15, 2012

Create Music On The iPad By Stretching And Shrinking On-Screen Waveforms

The Samplr app puts advanced mixing and recreating of your favorite music right at your fingertips.


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