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Technology november 8, 2016

Scientifically-Crafted Song Keeps Babies Happy

C&G Babyclub created the track with the sound of sneezes, animals and laughter

Design & Architecture september 9, 2013

Sensor-Laden Tunnel Reacts To The Pace Of Passing Footsteps

Interactive sculpture increases safety and gives pedestrians a chance to reflect as they pass through.

Design & Architecture may 8, 2013

Touch Sensitive Poster Can Be Played Like An Instrument

This piece of paper combines design and function in a musical piece of wall art.

Technology february 4, 2013

Interactive Panorama Lets Anyone See The View From The Top Of The Shard

The Guardian has launched an online app that lets visitors explore the view and learn about London's landmarks.

Advertising january 7, 2013

Subaru Creates Mini Car Orchestra To Showcase Collision Avoidance System

The tiny vehicles were fitted with stereoscopic cameras and speakers that played a series of sounds.

Work june 5, 2012

A Digital Museum Catalogs The World's Endangered Analog Sounds

This website's mission is to keep nostalgic sounds of old technology from becoming extinct.

Technology april 12, 2012

Humanoid Robot May Alter The Future Of Party Conversations

Scientist have used these smart bots to help solve the "cocktail party problem," that being how humans follow and focus on a single conversation in a noisy environment.

Work february 24, 2011

The Shapes Of Sound: The Dazzled Project [Video]

The Dazzled Project is a trance-inducing attempt at visualizing music structures as formal shapes.

Technology december 22, 2010

Isle Of Tune: Compose Music While Building Your Virtual City

An interactive game that lets you create your own music by planning the layout of a virtual landscape.

Design & Architecture december 13, 2010

Robyn Releases Interactive Beat Machine

Robyn launches the Interactive Beat Machine, creating a personalized way for fans to remix her track.

Mobile october 21, 2010

Music From Saharan Cellphones

Chris Kirkley creates a mix tape out of the music found on abandoned cell phones from West Africa.

Arts & Culture august 31, 2010

Rec & Play: Drawing Sounds

Yuri Suzuki and Oscar Diaz's project brings together a number of processes in one hybrid synesthetic activity.

Cities august 31, 2010

Forging Mexico's Identity Through Street Sounds

The country declares a National Sound Week in an attempt to maintain their cultural heritage.

Home may 19, 2010

Jarvis Cocker's New Album Contains Everyday Sounds From Historic Locations

An unconventional concept album features field recordings from historic locations.


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