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Education july 27, 2016

National Geographic Creates The World’s First T-Rex Chatbot

The publication partnered with +rehab studio to answer kids' questions through Facebook Messenger

Advertising july 11, 2016

Advertising By The Numbers: The Audience Vs The Industry

Insights from PSFK's Future of Advertising original survey, a snapshot of the industry's thought leaders from brands, agencies, media providers and more

Op-Ed february 17, 2016

John Gerzema: 10 Countries Leading the Way as Innovation Nations

A thought-leader details the powers heading innovation in the 21st century

Work november 6, 2015

Designing an HIV Self-Test Kit as Easy as a Pregnancy Test

iTeach and frog recognized the need for better HIV testing methods in South Africa and came up with a solution

Work august 13, 2015

A Light-Up Backpack Keeps Students Safe While Heading Back to School

Repurpose Schoolbags are solar-powered, making the road to education less dangerous for millions

Mobile march 31, 2015

Jewelry Handcrafted from Circuit Boards

Designer Ashley Heather reimagines information tech into eco-friendly accessories

Innovation december 10, 2014

Yuri Suzuki Crafts Music From Old Devices

One city's trash is another artist's creation as a group of creatives crafts musical instruments from discarded electronics

Syndicated december 6, 2013

A Look Back At The Life Of Nelson Mandela

The great statesman will be remembered for his ability to forgive and unify people, and his unwavering sense of hope.

Technology october 3, 2013

Cell Phone Libraries Offer Books To Every Ugandan Home And School

Phone provider MTN Group gave access to a vast selection of literature to anyone with a mobile device.

Arts & Culture august 15, 2013

Kitchen Encased In Millions Of Glass Beads [Pics]

Artist uses nothing more than a pair tweezers over five years to create this masterpiece.

Innovation august 8, 2013

Children’s Soap Bars With Hidden Toys Inside Encourage Hand-Washing [Video]

South African kids were given 'Hope Soap' bars embedded with little gifts and this led to more frequent cleaning.

Home july 10, 2013

Headset Lets Drinkers Fill Beer Glass With Their Thoughts

The longer you can mentally focus on something cold, the more of the beverage you will receive

Cities june 26, 2013

Tourists Explore Cape Town Through Other People’s Facebook Profiles [Video]

Cannes Gold Lion-winning campaign sends social network pages on a virtual vacation without their owner.

Technology may 7, 2013

Beer-Delivering Drone Designed For Music Festivals [Video]

Attendees of the Oppikoppi event in South Africa will be served by aerial robots.


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