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Technology august 15, 2016

Connected Athletic Shoes Help Golfers Perfect Their Swing

Originating from Samsung's Creative Lab, IOFIT can sense your weight transfer and provide information on what you are doing wrong

Health june 8, 2016

Beacons Are Helping Pregnant Women Get A Seat On Korean Trains

A portable sensor prods riders to do the right thing and give up their seats

Technology may 6, 2016

'Pay As You Waste’ System Helps South Korea Cut Down On Discarded Food

Could this level of tech-assisted waste consciousness work elsewhere?

Advertising april 4, 2016

Designing Netflix's New Global Identity

Netflix's visual identity represents company's outlook on the future

Syndicated april 4, 2016

What To Learn From Life Of The Creative Pioneer Zaha Hadid

Architect who first imagined, then proved, that space could work in radical new ways

Design & Architecture march 11, 2016

A Modern Hard Drive Inspired by the Floppy Disk

The floppy disk comes back around in this retro-inspired hard drive

Seoul-based Polaris Office launches its enterprise productivity suite in the U.S.
Nissan has a wild vision of how electric cars will be used in the future
Meet the ‘digital nomads’ who travel the world in search of fast Wi-Fi
Australia’s Bellabox signs with Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba
Arts & Culture december 21, 2015

From a Single Piece of Plywood to a Model of Economical Proficiency

Through plywood bending, this collection suffers from no material loss during the construction process

Work december 15, 2015

Gloves Turn Physical Therapy Visits Into Fishing Trips

A hardware-software combo uses gameplay to help patients—young and old—gain or regain muscle control

Cities december 11, 2015

Drones Are Packing Their Bags and Leaving the City for Farms

Farmers have now adopted drones' customized technology to help them plant, maintain and grow their crops at accelerated rates

Sustainability december 11, 2015

Will Any City Ever Truly Be Car-Free?

Car-free days have slashed pollution in Paris while new eco-cities are aiming to design out the need for vehicles—but will cars in cities ever be consigned to history?


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