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Urban Micro-Apartment Chairs Fold Into The Floor

Furniture That Folds Into A Work of Art After You’re Done With It

Folding Sauna Expands At The Touch Of A Button

Space-Saving Furniture Creates Room In Small Spaces

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Space Saving Presents

Modular Sofa Transforms Into Different Seats Like A Rubiks Cube [Pics]

Indoor Planter Hangs Upside Down To Save Floor Space

Table Can Easily Be Turned Into Set Of Chairs [Pics]

Library Staircase Doubles As Bookshelf [Pics]

Burberry Blazer Folds Neatly Into The Size Of A Mobile Phone [Pics]

Food Cart Design That Doesn’t Block Airplane Aisles

Reimagined Light Switch Covers Make Use Of Underutilized Space [NY Design Week 2012]

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