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Design & Architecture august 29, 2016

Space-Saving Sofa Has Extra Furniture Hidden Inside

Living in an apartment with limited space? This three-in-one bed transforms based on your needs

Arts & Culture june 6, 2016

Urban Micro-Apartment Chairs Fold Into The Floor

Disappearing furniture and energy-efficient tech creates a sustainable city oasis

Design & Architecture may 31, 2016

Furniture That Folds Into A Work of Art After You’re Done With It

Save space by using this multi-functional piece that easily folds to hang on the wall

Design & Architecture may 10, 2016

Folding Sauna Expands At The Touch Of A Button

The compact design is able to fit into most rooms and bring luxury to any space

Design & Architecture may 2, 2016

Space-Saving Furniture Creates Room In Small Spaces

Milan Design Show displays some creative designs that help urban dwellers economize

Work december 16, 2013

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Top Space Saving Presents

Help your friend maximize their space in the new year with these innovative and whimsical gift ideas.

Home october 23, 2013

Modular Sofa Transforms Into Different Seats Like A Rubiks Cube [Pics]

Single sofa can fulfill all the seating needs of any home.

Design & Architecture september 3, 2012

Indoor Planter Hangs Upside Down To Save Floor Space

Patrick Morris' design has a porous reservoir, which can be refilled through a hole in the top to deliver water to the plant through diffusion.

Design & Architecture august 8, 2012

Table Can Easily Be Turned Into Set Of Chairs [Pics]

Claudio Sibille's multifunctional Sensei furniture features two interlocking seats that can be snapped together to create one smooth surface.

Cities august 8, 2012

Library Staircase Doubles As Bookshelf [Pics]

Architecture firm Levitate created stairs that can store books in a small apartment, creating a library while also conserving space.

Travel june 28, 2012

Burberry Blazer Folds Neatly Into The Size Of A Mobile Phone [Pics]

Burberry London's polyester 'Packaway Blazer' can fit into an internal pouch, making it ideal for travelers.

Design & Architecture june 18, 2012

Food Cart Design That Doesn’t Block Airplane Aisles

The Orbit Aircraft Food Delivery System by Heather Dunne is a space-saving solution that solves a common and annoying problem on airlines.

Design & Architecture may 26, 2012

Reimagined Light Switch Covers Make Use Of Underutilized Space [NY Design Week 2012]

Modular covers on light switches create convenient storage spaces in the least interfering way.

Work may 22, 2012

Space-Saving Desk And Stool Has Different Privacy Options For Various Activites [Pics]

Torafu Architects design the first items in a series of furniture for decorative plywood maker Ichiro that offers multiple configurations to make the most of the space used.


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