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Work january 14, 2016

Does Fashion Matter Beyond Earth? A Peek Into Space Tourism's Makeover

A just-announced collaboration with Virgin Galactic and Y-3 rethinks how fashion and space tourism interact

Technology june 3, 2014

SpaceX's New Space Shuttle Could Lead To Intergalactic Tourism

New spacecraft boasts features that could make space travel more common and affordable in the future.

Innovation october 28, 2013

Intergalactic Hot Air Balloon Ride Is The Next Step In Space Tourism

World View Enterprises offers an alternative to Virgin Galactic space flights.

Innovation may 23, 2012

First Commercial Flight To The International Space Station Launches [Headlines]

A new era of space exploration is ushered in as SpaceX, a privately owned rocket, lifts off from Cape Canaveral early Tuesday morning.

Gaming & Play february 24, 2012

Space Elevator Would Take Tourists 22,000 Miles Above The Earth

A Japanese construction firm takes space tourism to a new level by sending people above the planet in a small contraption.

Innovation november 7, 2011

NASA Prepares For Moon Tourism [Headlines]

USA Today reports on the space agencies planning to promote moon-landing sites to future tourists.

Design & Architecture november 2, 2010

World's First Commercial Spaceport Dedicated

Spaceport America envisions itself to be at the forefront of space tourism.

Arts & Culture september 30, 2010

A Beer Brewed For Zero Gravity Drinkability

A specially designed brew for the emerging space tourism market is scheduled to take to the skies in a number of atmospheric test flights.

Luxury september 21, 2010

Space Tourism Gets A Boost

Boeing and Space Adventures have teamed up to offer private space travel.

Travel february 4, 2010

The Coming Boom In Space Tourism

Jaunted shares an interesting analysis today, regarding the future of private space travel.

Travel november 3, 2009

Galactic Suite: Space Tourism in 2012

Galactic Suite is a bio-inspired orbital station that is attempting to bring space tourism to the masses, as long as you can afford the three million euro price tag.


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