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Travel november 11, 2016

Free Luggage Wrapping Serves As Traveling Advertisements

Samsonite offered complimentary protective plastic covering to passengers at a Spanish airport with a tongue-in-cheek message

Arts & Culture october 28, 2016

Spanish Artist Dreams Up What Animals Would Look Like In Modern Clothing

Yago Partal's portraits depict the fantasized style preferences of creatures worldwide, from an Arctic wolf to a zebra

Design & Architecture september 23, 2016

Design Firm Adapts Childhood Homes For Unemployed Young Adults

The studio has unveiled three prototypes of transformed living spaces for people forced to move back in with their families

Home july 13, 2016

A Better Alternative To The Hotel Mini Bar

A design studio has developed the modular 'Nature' collection, which features a fridge, safe, sound system and connections shelf

Automotive july 7, 2016

There Is Now A Virtual Driving School For AI Vehicles

Scientists have developed a simulation program designed to teach autonomous cars how to handle real obstacles

Technology june 15, 2016

A Small Town In Spain Replaced Bureaucracy With Twitter

The social network has become the major channel of communication for locals and government officials

Travel june 10, 2016

Urban Lockers Let Travelers Explore Cities Sans Luggage

Old fashioned storerooms get a makeover for the modern traveler in Madrid, Spain

Work august 11, 2015

Spanish Artists Flood the Streets of Madrid with Greek Drachma

In a short-lived installation, Luzinterruptus celebrated the no vote from the recent referendum on economic reform and the erstwhile Greek currency

Luxury may 7, 2015

Is 'Starchitecture' the Civic Engine It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Every struggling post-industrial city has the same idea: hire a star architect to design a branch of a famous museum, and watch your city blossom with culture. It worked for Bilbao ... didn’t it?

Sustainability january 30, 2015

Bamboo Bicycles Are Completely Customizable

Bambú Campos Bikes' range uses sustainable materials for an eco-friendly, yet elegant, ride

Mobile january 20, 2015

Four-Legged Gadget Will Overturn Diners' Anti-Tech Stance

Colorful device enables tabletop Wi-Fi and communicates with waitstaff using ambient light

Innovation november 27, 2014

Animated Fly Through Illustrates Spanish Landmark's Progress in 2015

La Sagrada Familia will undergo a series of developments over the next two years, and is set to be completed by 2026

Design & Architecture october 10, 2014

Designer Pitcher Proceeds to Help Construct Wells in Ethiopia

The H2O Bilbao is a reliable product created by a rising star in the field, Patricia Urquiola

Work september 4, 2014

Reclaiming the Rooftops of Spain for Cultural Events

Look up and you'll find non-profit group Redetejas is transforming the rooftops into vibrant community spaces


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