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Technology october 21, 2016

Speaker Displays Song Lyrics As Music Is Played

The device is able to generate the graphics on a translucent screen and retrieve the words from a connected database

Technology october 17, 2016

Magical Bluetooth Speaker Comes In Shape Of Floating Cloud

The cumulus shape will let you trigger thunderstorms or dance parties in your living room

Design & Architecture may 25, 2016

This Speaker Recreates The Sound Of A Vintage Vinyl Record

Alter your music with a speaker designed to make digital tunes sound retro

Work march 3, 2016

Amazon’s Alexa Wants to Spend More Time With You

The special things you can do with Amazon Echo's newest device siblings

Design & Architecture february 26, 2016

Like a Banana, Portable Speakers Could Do with an Added Layer

Peel back this speaker to listen to your favorite tunes

Work february 23, 2016

A Look at Bluetooth's Refined Reconfiguration of Speakers

This omnidirectional speaker is just one discreet approach to sound

Mobile may 4, 2015

Pet Robot Likes to Sing and Dance to the Music

Choicee Qee Robot is a multi-functional speaker system that delivers tunes as it delivers grooves

Home january 26, 2015

Open Source Speaker Records in 3D Sound Via Smartphone

Boom Boom personal home speaker adds 3D recording capabilities, ups its long-term value

Arts & Culture december 11, 2014

Desktop Speaker Beams Sound Toward Desired Listener

Hone device lets users 'aim their audio' so it doesn't disturb other people in the room

Technology november 26, 2014

Crowdfunded Speaker Lets Friends Add Music

The JookBox speaker allows permitted friends to access and add to playlists at any social gathering

Design & Architecture march 3, 2014

DIY Speaker Kit Generates Music Directly From Plasma Bolt [Videos]

Two Seattle physicists created a kit that will turn you into a mad scientist of sound.

Technology september 3, 2013

Elastic Gel Speaker Broadcasts Pitch-Perfect Sounds [Video]

Harvard engineers have built a clear, stretchable speaker made from rubber and saltwater gel that can play the entire audible spectrum.

Mobile july 16, 2013
Technology april 12, 2013

Georg Petschnigg: Rebranding Pen And Paper For The Digital Age [PSFK 2013]

Founder of fiftythree and creator of the Paper app discusses his experiences developing Apple's 2012 App of the Year.


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