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Technology september 8, 2016

Kanye West Pop-Up Doubles As A Product Launch Platform

The Sonos SUB, a wireless multi-room audio speaker, was launched at the fashion designer's temporary retail shops

Education july 5, 2016

Kids Can Now Build Their Own Bose Speakers

The audio company has released a customizable cube with step-by-step instructions to create a working speaker

Technology june 6, 2016

Douglas Rushkoff Tells Companies To Make The People Rich [PSFK 2016]

Media critic warns companies against recreating the 'Walmart Problem'

Technology april 15, 2016

This Speaker Chooses Music Based On Your Emotions

Voice controlled system utilizes emotional intelligence to enhance listening experience

Design & Architecture december 31, 2014

Best of 2014: Little Box Device Turns Any Speaker into a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Play digital music wirelessly on vintage audio devices

Mobile december 18, 2014

Phone-Charging Case Is Also A Wireless Speaker System

The PERI Duo iPhone Case streams music and increases battery life up to 160%

Retail december 16, 2014

Audio Specialist Launches Pop Up Store With Free-For-All DJ Booth

Interactive installations and cutting-edge technology by Sennheiser

Technology december 15, 2014

Tiny Speakers with Large Storage and Clean Sound

Mokibox audio is portable, adaptable, high-fidelity and funding now

Mobile november 17, 2014

JBL Horizon Speaker Wakes You Up Gently

This small device is a twist on the alarm clock/clock radio, incorporating innovative technology to awaken users in a peaceful, pleasing way

Home november 11, 2014

UFO-Shaped Speakers Float Above Their Base

Levitating speaker adds elegance to sci-fi design

Design & Architecture november 6, 2014

Cube-Shaped Wireless Speaker Plays Music From Five Sides

TDK's Trek 360 is designed to be portable while providing a 360-degree immersive listening experience

Work october 31, 2014

Spooky Speaker Mobile App Brings Scary Costumes to Life

AnalogFolk London have created a Halloween-themed app for Sainsbury's supermarket that uses voice-distortion tech

Home october 22, 2014

Prizm Plays Party Tunes Based on the People In The Party

Music device allows you to hear different tunes depending on your preferences

Sustainability october 17, 2014

Lighting/Audio Device Mixes Beauty and Function

'Most emotional' is the phrase used by creators to describe the new Smart Lamp Speaker


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