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Technology june 10, 2013

BMW App Gathers Driver Data To Optimize Speed [Video]

Automotive giant creates new app that uses in-car sensors.

Innovation march 26, 2013

Bike Light Projects Cyclist's Speed On The Road In Front Of Them [Video]

Matt Richardson's hack displays a moving odometer in real-time.

Syndicated march 27, 2012

Ed Cotton: What Is The Biggest Challenge Of Digital Communication?

The real obstacle of the web is keeping up with the technological change and being able to anticipate it, build for it and stay ahead of it.

Home january 19, 2012

Nissan Combines Two Of Its Current Cars To Create The World's Fastest Crossover [Video]

A 22-week build project bringing together elements from the Juke and the GT-R resulted in a 480-horsepower mini-SUV supercar.

Gaming & Play january 5, 2012

Sensor Tech Grants Snowboarders Game-Like Performance Readouts [Future Of Gaming]

‘Push Snowboarding’ is a project that incorporates Nokia’s sensor technology into a Burton snowboard and platform for real-time performance capture and readout.

Technology january 5, 2012

Embedded Soccer Boot Offers In-Game Performance Readouts [Future Of Gaming]

adidas has created the adizero F50, a soccer shoe with a microchip embedded in its out-sole that records a wide array of performance related metrics.

Gaming & Play january 4, 2012

iDevice Construction Game Melds Offline Assembly With Digital Score [Future Of Gaming]

Construction toy manufacturer LEGO created an interactive game titled ‘the Life of George’ which tasks players with reconstructing on-screen virtual models using real LEGO bricks.

Sustainability october 27, 2011

Heads-Up Display Shows Athletes If They're On The Right Track

The device, which attaches to your sunglasses, uses LEDs and audio feedback to tell you about your performance.

august 25, 2011

Cyclists, Do You Draft? [Headlines]

Is riding closely behind another cyclist to save energy poor etiquette?

Luxury february 25, 2010

ElectroSmog Festival: When Immobility Provides A Better Lifestyle

ElectroSmog decentralizes the festival to address technology and (im)mobility.


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