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Work june 23, 2014

Why Fashion And Furniture Design Inspiration Could Appear In Your Next Car

PSFK chats with senior designers at Cadillac about why trade shows like ICFF are integral to their process.

IoT june 19, 2014

The Art And Science Of Building Healing Homes

Innovators are designing building materials that are aesthetic and structurally functional while also purifying air and water.

Mobile june 19, 2014

How Niche Content Could Make Television Obsolete

A growing set of niche audience interests are shaping the future of network programming.

Partner Content june 18, 2014

Lincoln Lets People Test Drive Their New Model In A High Speed Pursuit

The auto brand designed “Dream Rides” where drivers can virtually try out new features and test the car in various fictional scenarios.

Work june 18, 2014

Why Sustainability Needs A Serious Makeover

Designer and Goodlifer editor Johanna Björk tells why embracing sustainable living is an upgrade not a sacrifice.

Technology june 17, 2014

Will Doing Things For Free Revamp Our Economy?

For Model and actress Lily Cole trust and risk taking are allowed to flourish in her new social network impossible, where people think differently about basic transactions.

Arts & Culture june 16, 2014

Why Storytelling Is The Hidden Side To The World Of Scent

Jason Fried, the founder of Bergamot and The Shed, a Brooklyn storytelling salon, talks about his hybrid life as a perfumer and narrative guru.

Mobile june 16, 2014

How Internet Creators Are Revolutionizing The Entertainment Industry

Burgeoning social platforms on the internet are giving rise to a novel form of media celebrity.


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