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Technology july 20, 2016

Pokémon Go Will Soon Offer Sponsored Locations

The United States' most feverishly played app has plans to offer unique advertising opportunities to retailers

Work october 21, 2012

How The Youth Generation Is Transforming Mobile Technology - Debbie Forster, Apps For Good [Video]

President shows how teens are designing apps to address common social issues.

Gaming & Play july 28, 2012

David Beckham Surprises Olympic Fans In adidas Photo Booth [Video]

International sports star makes an unexpected visit to a London shopping mall to promote the sponsor of the 2012 games.

Gaming & Play july 27, 2012

How Will Sponsored Viewing Sites Affect Public Opinion Of The Olympics? [Headlines]

A look at the effect that sponsorship of public viewing spaces will have on Londoners' perception of the Games.

Partner Content november 28, 2011

Fred Perry Supports Working-Class Young Athletes In Urban Ping Pong Tournament

Popular tennis clothing line targets young table tennis players from the grassroots as tribute to their humble heritage.

Technology august 29, 2011

Watch MTV Music Videos With Your Taco Bell Meal

In leading up to the VMA, Taco Bell had a themed meal box which allowed diners to access exclusive content via QR codes.

Work april 28, 2011

Levi's, Swoon & Cat Solen Collaborate On Short Film [Video]

The brand continues its string of smart and culturally-relevant collaborations, sponsoring a short film about a NYC-based graffiti artist.

Home august 9, 2010

(Video) Burn Ignites A Fire

Coke's energy drink presents a short film capturing the passion skateboarders (and other athletes) have for their sport of choice.

Advertising july 8, 2010

YouTube's Life In A Day Project

A collaboration Google, Directors Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald and the YouTube community invites aspiring filmmakers to participate in a global experiment.

Mobile july 6, 2010

Playing With Cadbury's Spots V Stripes

A call for game creation entries offers a crowdsourced analog design challenge in the age of digital gaming.

Retail june 15, 2010

Measuring The Value Of A Sponsorship: Nike's World Cup Buzz

According to a recent Nielsen report, the buzz generated by the "Write the Future" campaign exceeds that of official World Cup sponsor Adidas.

Cities october 7, 2009

George Parker: And the Host of the 2016 Olympiad Is… Corporate America!

George Parker is the perpetrator of Every week he shares his opinions on the advertising world with PSFK.

Luxury april 20, 2009

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