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Fitness & Sport october 3, 2016

Candidates Must Climb A Mountain To Snag The Ultimate Outdoors Job

Columbia Sportswear is sending its applicants for the Director of Toughness position on a rigorous set of physical trials

Fitness & Sport september 12, 2016

Hiking Boots Will Vibrate To Give You GPS Directions

The Bluetooth-enabled footwear will help ensure you're never lost

[News] Under Armour to launch High-End Clothing Line targeting millenials
[News] Foot Locker stores spotlight apparel, top brands, to encourage broader shopping
Innovation february 23, 2016

Breathable Fabric Uses Tiny Cells to Enhance Athleticism

Bio-skins could go mainstream with the advent of programmable textiles

Retail february 2, 2016

The Value of Uniting Compatible Consumers

Does liking the same product make two people compatible?

Technology september 16, 2015

Shock Yourself into a New, Chiseled Body

Sportswear with muscle-targeting electrodes wants to give you the most effective workout yet

Innovation january 2, 2015

Air Sports Step Forward with Oakley Future Sport Project

Wearable Experiments teams up with outdoor wear brand to rethink extreme sports

Luxury december 17, 2014

More Apparel Taking Cues from Space Travel

When thinking of dressing the present and the future, an extraterrestrial trip fifty years into the past is all you need

Mobile february 26, 2014

The North Face Launches Warm Weather Collection

The brand's Mountain Athletics line is a collection of lightweight apparel suited for hot temperatures.

Design & Architecture december 9, 2013

H&M Enters The Fitness Space With New Fashion Line [Pics]

The clothing giant is releasing a new athletic wear collection beginning next year.

Technology september 2, 2013

Nike Remaps The London Tube Based On FuelBand Points

The sportswear giant finds yet another way to push fitness levels.

july 8, 2013

Reebok’s Heat-Reactive Sneakers Mold To Wearer’s Foot [VIDEO]

The sportswear brand's new line of running shoes shrinks to fit when heated with a hairdryer.

Arts & Culture february 27, 2013

FILA Creates Paper Dolls To Match Its New Shoes [Pics]

The sportswear brand uses foldable art for its latest campaign.


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